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                                  • I wish to add new rows to a grouped grid, but the New Item Row is not displayed in this case. How can I do this?

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                                You can add a button onto a toolbar for adding new rows. The button's Click event handler should call the procedure listed below. Please pay attention to the code, which initializes the new row's columns with the values of the current groups. It is necessary to make the new row appear in the desired group.

                                Public Sub AddRow(ByVal View As DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Grid.GridView) Dim currentRow As Integer currentRow = View.FocusedRowHandle If currentRow < 0 Then currentRow = View.GetDataRowHandleByGroupRowHandle(currentRow) End If View.AddNewRow() If View.GroupedColumns.Count = 0 Then Exit Sub ' Initialize group values Dim groupColumn As DevExpress.XtraGrid.Columns.GridColumn For Each groupColumn In View.GroupedColumns Dim value As Object = View.GetRowCellValue(currentRow, groupColumn) View.SetRowCellValue(View.FocusedRowHandle, groupColumn, value) Next View.UpdateCurrentRow() View.MakeRowVisible(View.FocusedRowHandle, True) View.ShowEditor() End Sub

                                public void AddRow(DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Grid.GridView View) { int currentRow; currentRow = View.FocusedRowHandle; if (currentRow < 0) { currentRow = View.GetDataRowHandleByGroupRowHandle(currentRow); } View.AddNewRow(); if (View.GroupedColumns.Count == 0) return; // Initialize group values foreach (GridColumn groupColumn in View.GroupedColumns) { object value = View.GetRowCellValue(currentRow, groupColumn); View.SetRowCellValue(View.FocusedRowHandle, groupColumn, value); } View.UpdateCurrentRow(); View.MakeRowVisible(View.FocusedRowHandle, true); View.ShowEditor(); }
                                • Youssef Azarouali 2 10.10.2013

                                  Can you explain how to do it exactly? Where does the newrow appear? Or doe you have to build your own form with information for the row on it?

                                • Hi,

                                  I have extracted your inquiry to a separate Q461310 ticket. Please refer to it.

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