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                                GridControl provides the RowCellMenu property where you can define a custom Context Menu for GridControl rows and cells. You can use either the standard MenuFlyout control in this property, or our ContextToolbarControl or ToolbarControl. To compare these controls, refer to the Utility Controls -> Context Menu demo available from our Interactive Demos installed on your machine with our controls.

                                When you define a menu control in RowCellMenu, this control's DataContext is set to an object of the GridRowCellContextMenuInfo class. This class provides information about your GridControl, a target row, cell, column, etc. You can use this information to process different actions at your view model level.

                                In this example, we illustrated how to use ContextToolbarControl in GridControl's RowCellMenu. We implemented DuplicateCommand and DeleteCommand at the view model level. These commands should receive a target data item object to duplicate or delete it respectively. To pass a target data item, you can use the RowControl object from GridRowCellContextMenuInfo's Row property. RowControl provides its own Row property containing the target data item:

                                xmlns:dxg="using:DevExpress.UI.Xaml.Grid" xmlns:dxr="using:DevExpress.UI.Xaml.Ribbon" <dxg:GridControl ...> <dxg:GridControl.RowCellMenu> <dxr:ContextToolbarControl Orientation="Vertical"> <dxr:ContextToolbarGroup> <dxr:ContextToolbarButton Content="Duplicate" Command="{Binding Grid.DataContext.DuplicateCommand}" CommandParameter="{Binding Row.Row}"/> <dxr:ContextToolbarButton Content="Delete" Command="{Binding Grid.DataContext.DeleteCommand}" CommandParameter="{Binding Row.Row}"/> </dxr:ContextToolbarGroup> </dxr:ContextToolbarControl> </dxg:GridControl.RowCellMenu> </dxg:GridControl>

                                To bind your menu control's item to a certain command, you need to access your view model. As this view model is available from GridControl's DataContext, use GridRowCellContextMenuInfo's Grid property. Refer to the Command property definition in ContextToolbarButtons above.