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                                This example demonstrates how to translate DevExpress Blazor components into different languages. The localization mechanism depends on your application’s hosting model: Blazor server (ASP.NET Core) or Blazor WebAssembly. The example contains code samples both for server-side and client-side Blazor.

                                Blazor Server

                                DevExpress components in server-side Blazor applications use the standard localization mechanism from the .NET framework - Satellite Resource Assemblies.
                                Our components ship with NuGet packages with predefined satellite assemblies for the following languages and cultures:

                                • German (de)
                                • Spanish (es)
                                • Japanese (ja)
                                • Russian (ru)

                                To obtain satellite assemblies for DevExpress .NET controls that correspond to other cultures, use the DevExpress Localization Service. This service allows you to modify the existing translations, compile and download the satellite assemblies.

                                Files to look at:


                                Blazor WebAssembly

                                Currently, there are no official nor recommended approaches on how to localize client-side Blazor applications. DevExpress Components in client-side Blazor applications are localized using the IDxLocalizationService interface implementation.

                                In this example, *.resx files are converted to dictionaries using T4 text templates. The IDxLocalizationService interface returns the required string from the corresponding dictionary using the IDxLocalizationService.GetString method. To obtain *.resx files, use the DevExpress Localization Service.

                                Files to look at:

                                Resources folder