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                                This example demonstrates how to create new JSON connections in MVC Dashboard's Data Source wizard and store them in a database.

                                Set the DashboardExtensionSettings.CanCreateNewJsonDataSource property to True to allow creating new JSON connections. Implement the IDataSourceWizardConnectionStringsStorage interface to create custom connection string storage, and use the DashboardConfigurator's SetConnectionStringsProvider method to assign it to the MVC Dashboard.

                                In this example, connections are stored in a database using Entity Framework. To run the example, modify the "ConnectionStorage" connection string in Web.config.

                                See also:
                                Web Dashboard - How to store JSON connections in a database

                                Files to look at:

                                ConnectionStringsStorage.cs (VB: ConnectionStringsStorage.vb)
                                MyJsonConnection.cs (VB: MyJsonConnection.vb)
                                Global.asax.cs (VB: Global.asax.vb)