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                                In the case of a large Web application, you often use controls with the same settings on numerous pages.  It's quite annoying to specify the same settings many times.
                                In this example we show how to specify some default settings for all DevExpress Blazor components in your application.

                                Create an inheritor from our Blazor control and override the SetParametersAsync method. In this method, set the necessary default values for the public properties before calling the base method. Since the base method is called after your custom settings, you can initialize properties with custom default values in markup.

                                In this example, the MyDataGrid component contains the inherited DxDataGrid component whose PageSize, ShowFilterRow, and ShowGroupPanel properties contain new default values. Compare these components with the default DxDataGrid component on the Index page: they have the same settings in markup.

                                The list of limitations:

                                • It's not possible to use this approach with the DxChartXXXSeries components and specify the ValueField, ArgumentField, NameField, and PaneField properties.

                                Note: We don't recommend you override any other members of our components and change values of any protected properties.

                                Files to look at: