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                                Starting with version 18.1, the RichEdit extension provides the insertRtf command, which allows you to add formatted RTF content at the specified position.
                                In versions prior to 18.1, RichEdit doesn't provide a functionality to insert RTF formatted text on the client side so that this format is applied automatically. This example demonstrates a workaround that allows you to insert formatted RTF text to the current document on a button click via a RichEdit callback.

                                To implement this scenario, initiate a RichEdit custom callback via the client-side MVCxClientRichEdit.PerformCallback method and define the RichEditSettings.CustomActionRouteValues property. To insert the required text into the specified position, you can use the SubDocument.InsertRtfText method.
                                To insert this text at the current caret position in the middle of a document text, obtain this position on the client side by using the RichEditSelection.intervals array object and pass it to the server as a parameter of the MVCxClientRichEdit.PerformCallback method. Then, access this passed value in the action method specified in CustomActionRouteValues and use it to modify the current document position via the Document.CreatePosition method before inserting RTF text.

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