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                                This example demonstrates how to use the End-User Report Designer and HTML5 Document Viewer in an ASP.NET Core application that targets both .NET Standard and .NET Framework.

                                These are the main steps to integrate these controls into an application:

                                1. Install the DevExpress.AspNetCore.Reporting NuGet package.
                                2. Install devexpress-reporting npm package.
                                3. Register reporting services in the Startup class.
                                4. Reference all the required client resources in the View file.
                                5. Use the ReportDesigner and WebDocumentViewer wrappers to display reporting controls on your web pages.

                                Before running this example, do the following:

                                1. In Visual Studio, right-click the package.json file and select Restore Packages. This adds the node_modules folder to the application project.
                                2. Right-click the ASP.NET Core application and select Manage NuGet Packages. In the invoked window, switch to the Updates page and update the DevExpress.AspNetCore.Reporting package. You may need to add a new NuGet package source to install DevExpress packages online or offline from the C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress 18.2\Components\System\Components\packagespath.

                                For more information and step-by-step tutorials, refer to the following documentation topic: ASP.NET Core Reporting.