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                                Starting with v17.1.4 and v17.2.3, the BootstrapGridView control supports this functionality out of the box. To get the desired behavior, enable the AlwaysShowCheckboxesInCheckColumns property:

                                <SettingsEditing> <BatchEditSettings AlwaysShowCheckboxesInCheckColumns="true" /> </SettingsEditing>

                                 The approach demonstrated in the example is OBSOLETE. It should be used with old versions only.

                                In old versions, BootstrapGridView displayed cells in CheckBox columns as images which makes it impossible to edit these cells in a single click. First, you have to click the cell to enter the edit mode and the second click actually changes the value. It is not very convenient, so we created a workaround that allows editing such columns in a single click.

                                For this, define a data item template for the CheckBox column and place an actual check box there. Synchronize this check box with the item collection - obtain the value using the Eval (or Bind) method and set a new value with SetCellValue.