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                                This example demonstrates how to create and register custom editors to be used for editing the content of report controls in Print Preview. In particular, it shows how to create a combo box editor, a date editor with a custom format and a standard text editor with a phone number mask.

                                The following image illustrates a custom combo box editor.

                                To implement a custom editor, create a new instance of an appropriate RepositoryItem descendant and specify its settings as required. Then, register this editor using the EditingFieldExtensionsWin.RegisterEditormethod. Enable editing of a control's content by setting the EditOptions.Enabledproperty to true  and assign the created editor to the EditorNameproperty.

                                To register the standard text editor with a custom mask, use the EditingFieldExtensionsWin.RegisterMaskEditormethod.

                                Files to look at:

                                Form1.cs (VB: Form1.vb)