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                                This example illustrates how to enable a client-side WinForms application to access the Report Server and remotely manage scheduled jobs.

                                For this application to be able to access the Report Server, make sure that the ServerAddress field in the application's MainForm.cs file matches the Site URL specified in your Report Server settings (it is set to "http://localhost:83" by default).

                                To log into the Report Server, the application uses the Guest account by default, so it is required that this user is active (you can check this in the User Accounts panel).

                                On running the application, the main form displays a complete list of currently scheduled tasks (jobs). After selecting a task, you can do one of the following.

                                - To manage a specific task, click "Show Scheduled Task Parameters". On the invoked form, you can create a new task, as well as update, delete or execute the selected task.

                                - To inspect the logs stored for a task, click "Show Scheduled Task Results". On the invoked form, you can view the history of task executions along with results of each execution.

                                The API that this application uses to access the Report Server is related to the following public namespaces.




                                To learn more about the corresponding infrastructure, please consult with the DevExpress product documentation.

                                Files to look at:

                                ConnectionProviderExtensions.cs (VB: ConnectionProviderExtensions.vb)
                                MainForm.cs (VB: MainForm.vb)
                                Program.cs (VB: Program.vb)
                                ReportViewerForm.cs (VB: ReportViewerForm.vb)
                                SchedulerJobResultsForm.cs (VB: SchedulerJobResultsForm.vb)
                                SchedulerJobViewerForm.cs (VB: SchedulerJobViewerForm.vb)
                                WaitForm1.cs (VB: WaitForm1.vb)