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                                This example demonstrates how to use custom editors for in-place editing of cell content. Both predefined editors supported by the SpreadsheetControl for in-place editing (ComboBoxEdit, DateEdit, and CheckEdit) and the custom editor (SpinEdit) are used to edit cells located in the specific columns of a worksheet table.
                                To assign an in-place editor of a predefined type to a specific cell range in a worksheet, use the Add method of the CustomCellInplaceEditorCollection collection, which stores the custom cell editors specified in a worksheet.
                                To assign your own custom editor to a cell, handle the SpreadsheetControl.CustomCellEdit event. This event fires when a user is about to start editing a cell and allows you to supply a custom in-place editor to the edited cell by setting a corresponding RepositoryItem descendant to the event's RepositoryItem parameter.
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