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                                How to make the scheduler take the entire container content

                                Starting with v19.1 you can use the SetHeight method to stretch ASPxScheduler dynamically on the client. Call this method in the ASPxClientScheduler.Init and ASPxClientScheduler.EndCallback events and on resizing the browser window. You can handle the ASPxClientGlobalEvents.BrowserWindowResized event to catch the moment of browser resizing.

                                For versions prior to 19.1

                                This example demonstrates how to make the ASPxScheduler take the entire container content. The scheduler lies inside the ASPxSplitter control. It automatically changes height depending on the window size.
                                The height is calculated on the client side. Then, the calculated value is applied to the ScrollAreaHeight  property of the Day ViewWork-Week View and Full Week View and
                                to the DateCellBody property of the Month View.
                                Review the How to: Set the Scheduler's Size article to get more information about these properties.