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                                This example demonstrates how to use the XL Export API to generate the "Sales Analysis" document shown in the image below.

                                In particular, this example introduces API properties and methods used to perform the following operations:
                                - Create a new workbook
                                - Create and rename a worksheet
                                - Create columns and rows, and adjust the column width and row height
                                - Create cells and set their values
                                - Format cells (set the cell font, background color, alignment, borders, number format, etc.)
                                - Specify print options (define the print area and adjust page settings)
                                - Create a data bar conditional formatting rule
                                - Create an icon set conditional formatting rule
                                - Create a rule that formats top or bottom ranked values
                                - Create a rule that formats cells whose values meet the condition expressed by the relational operator
                                - Use formulas to calculate subtotals