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                                This example shows how to create custom PrintCellStyle for grid columns to bring a custom printing appearance for PopupImageEdit, CheckBoxEdit and MemoEdit.

                                To learn more on how to implement similar functionality in WPF, refer to the E3227 example.

                                Files to look at:

                                ReportService.svc.cs (VB: ReportService.svc.vb)
                                SLGridExampleTestPage.aspx (VB: SLGridExampleTestPage.aspx)
                                MainPage.xaml (VB: MainPage.xaml)
                                MainPage.xaml.cs (VB: MainPage.xaml.vb)
                                TestData.cs (VB: TestData.vb)
                                PrintCellStylesSL.xaml (VB: PrintCellStylesSL.xaml)