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                                This example demonstrates how to implement custom functions for the Expression Editor available in the WinForms End-User Report Designer. In this example, we implement two custom functions.

                                1. The new line function allows you to insert a new line at the required place in a string. This function uses the Environment.NewLineconstant, which returns a new line string defined for the current environment. Note that to make the label recognize this string as a line break, the XRLabel.Multiline option must be enabled.

                                2. The CustomFormatFunc(string format, object arg0) accepts a format string and a value that should be formatted. In this function's Evaluate method, we're using the String.Format Method (String, Object) method. By using this function, you can format a static string and/or a field / calculated field value.

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                                Files to look at:

                                • CustomFormatFunction.cs (VB: CustomFormatFunction.vb)
                                • NewLineFunction.cs (VB: NewLineFunction.vb)
                                Form1.cs (VB: Form1.vb)
                                Program.cs (VB: Program.vb)