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                                If your report's data source is empty or not defined, you can specify how many times the Detail band content is printed through the XtraReport.PrintOptions.DetailCountOnEmptyDataSource property.

                                If a report is data bound, you can limit the number of times the Detail band is printed by using the DetailCount property.

                                Please note that the DetailCount property is designed to specify the maximum number (i.e., the limit) of times the Detail band is printed. In other words, if a data source contains one record, we cannot print it more than one time by using the DetailCount property.
                                We need to use the solution illustrated by this example. It demonstrates how to repeat a data source record depending on a value taken from another field. To achieve this, add an unbound DetailReportBand and control the number of copies using its ReportPrintOptions.DetailCountOnEmptyDataSource property.

                                See also:
                                How to print DetailBand multiple times regardless of the number of records

                                Files to look at:

                                Form1.cs (VB: Form1.vb)
                                Program.cs (VB: Program.vb)
                                XtraReport1.cs (VB: XtraReport1.vb)