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                                This code example demonstrates how to save and restore ASPxSpreadsheet documents from a database using a Binary column.
                                Starting with version 15.1, we recommend using the ASPxSpreadsheet.Open method to load a document and call the ASPxSpreadsheet.SaveCopy method to save changes.

                                In version 15.2, it is also possible to handle the ASPxSpreadsheet.Saving event to save a document by clicking the ribbon's built-in Save button.

                                For Older Versions:
                                Use ISpreadsheetComponent.LoadDocument to load a document and ISpreadsheetComponent.SaveDocument - to save it.

                                See Also:
                                MVC Version:
                                T190813: Spreadsheet - How to save and load documents from a database

                                Files to look at:

                                Default.aspx (VB: Default.aspx)
                                Default.aspx.cs (VB: Default.aspx.vb)