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                                - Generate a new project in your solution (ClassLibrary1) using standard Visual Studio Solution -> Add -> New Project... drop-down menu;
                                Note that generally it's not necessary to have an image class library project as a part of your solution. You can have one assembly with all the necessary images (icons) and use it in all the solutions using our ImageCollection component.
                                - Copy your icons in the new project directory and include them in the project as Embedded Resource:

                                - Add the reference to your assembly (ClassLibrary1) to the necessary project;
                                - Drag and drop an ImageCollection component from the Toolbox to your form;
                                - Click a smart tag (a small black triangle) and select the From Referenced Assemblies item of the shown drop-down menu to obtain your images.

                                Then, you will be able to use your images from the assembly as usual.
                                Refer to the the attached video and ImageCollection - How to use images from a solution-wide resource assembly ticket for the example illustrating how it works in action.