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                                When an application displays a lot of large images in a List View, it may consume a lot of memory. It is most actual for ASP.NET applications with many simultaneously connected clients. This example describes how to enable delayed (or lazy) loading of images to reduce the memory usage.

                                Entity Framework supports lazy loading  for referenced entities, not for simple properties. Thus, you need to declare a new DelayedImage entity exposing the ImageData property of a byte array type for storing images. Then, you can declare a reference property of the DelayedImage  type where required (in this example, such a property is declared in the SampleObject  class).
                                It is necessary to set the DevExpress.ExpressApp.EF.Utils.Delayed attribute both to the reference property and the image storage property. Also you need to apply the ExpandObjectMembers attribute to the reference property to make the image visible.

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