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                                This example demonstrates how to use the SpreadsheetControl API to programmatically manage spreadsheet documents, without the need for Microsoft Excel to be installed.
                                Double-click the action name in the Navigation Bar to run the code that illustrates the API functionality. The results are shown in the SpreadsheetControl and saved to the SavedDocument.xlsx file in the Document subfolder of the working folder.

                                In particular, this sample introduces API properties and methods used to perform the following operations:

                                - Manage worksheets (activate, create, delete, rename, copy, adjust worksheet view, etc.)

                                - Manipulate rows and columns (insert, delete, copy rows and columns, adjust row height and column width, etc.)

                                - Manipulate cells and cell ranges (set cell values, add hyperlinks to cells, copy and merge cells), create, edit and copy cell comments

                                - Create formulas (use various functions and cell references in formulas, use names in formulas, create shared and array formulas, etc.)

                                - Format cells (set cell font, colors, alignment, borders, number format, etc.)

                                - Export the workbook to PDF

                                - Print the workbook

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