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                                This example shows how to build a dock UI using the MVVM pattern.

                                To learn more on how to implement similar functionality in Silverlight, refer to the T245345 example.

                                Update: this approach is outdated. Refer to the following examples with approved approaches:
                                T273592: How to create the MVVM DockLayoutManager using LayoutAdapter
                                E20026 : How to use the IMVVMDockingProperties interface in an MVVM application

                                • David Lemieux 12.03.2013

                                  How come the view should be responsible of creating documents and panels? In a true MVVM design this should be the ViewModel's responsibility.

                                • David Lemieux 12.05.2013

                                  Is anyone from DevExpress monitoring comments on examples?

                                • Hello David,
                                  The View only creates root containers where dock panels are placed. This is a required step of creating the Docking UI.

                                • David Lemieux 12.16.2013

                                  Alex, I was refering to MainWindow.xaml.cs file. It has AddPanel_Click and AddDocument_Click methods, in which view models instances are created.

                                  If the purpose of the example is to demonstrate how DX docking can be used with the MVVM pattern, then the DockLayoutManagerViewModel class should be responsible for creating / adding documents. Giving this responsibility to the view class goes straight against MVVM design rules, IMHO.

                                • David, you're right. We have moved the code that creates Panels and Documents to View Models.

                                • David Lemieux 12.17.2013

                                  Thanks. You might want to clean up MainPage's code too. The DockLayoutManagerViewModel is instanciated in both the XAML and code behind. ;)

                                • Raju Muthu 01.06.2014

                                  Can this example extended to using PRISM regions? or is there an example already with this feature utilizing Prism?

                                • Gagan Kapoor 02.01.2014

                                  Hi, I need a dock UI with ability to host different types of views in Document Group (Tabs) at run time using Prism. Can you point me to an example of it ?

                                • Hello Raju and Gagan,

                                  We accidentally discovered that your initial posts were out of scope of our Support Center for a long time. Please accept our sincere apologies for not responding in a timely manner.

                                  We have few samples showing of how to use the DXDocking suite with the Prism framework. Below is a list of them. Please take a moment to review them and let us know if you have additional questions.
                                  1. Using DXDocking for WPF in accordance with Composite Application Guidelines 
                                  2. How to use the DXDocking and DXBars components with Prism 
                                  3. Prism - How to define Prism regions for various DXDocking elements 


                                • Pere Pujol Espuña 06.19.2015


                                  I've been working on this sample but I have a question. How do you add a new mvvm view in a document ? For exemple a CustomerViewModel.... this is a plain sample documentViewModel1.Content = "Document View Model";   I've looking
                                  for an easy sample to understand but I don't find anything...

                                  Thank you!

                                • Hi Pere,
                                  I see that you created a separate ticket about the same issue - T257623. We will answer you there.

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