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                                This example shows how to customize the DXGrid Control displayed within the Lookup editor's popup window.

                                Note: the embedded DXGrid name must be set to PART_GridControl.

                                • D Kimzey 04.10.2013

                                  In the XAML below, where does ProductName, UnitPrice and Quantity come from? What is the datasource?

                                • Hello,

                                  We accidentally discovered that your initial post was out of scope of our Support Center for a long time. Please accept our sincere apologies for not responding in a timely manner.I've created a separate ticket on your behalf regarding the task you've mentioned in your message to process it more efficiently: T198598: What is the E2648 example datasourceIf this task is still important for you, please find a couple of minutes to refer to that thread.

                                • JRelyea 11.27.2016
                                  This article fixed my issue where the DataGrid selection was not being reflected in the parent LookUpEdit. I was missing AutoPopulateColumns="False" in the LookUpEdit. 

                                  If all columns were displayed by removing AutoGenerateColumns="None" in the datagrid, then all columns of the model were displayed and the LookUpEdit was updated when a DataGrid row was selected

                                  BUT If only some of the columns were displayed by adding AutoGenerateColumns="None" in the DataGrid, then the right fields of the model were displayed and the LookUpEdit was never updated when a DataGrid row was selected.

                                  This example let me find the AutoPopulateColumns property and I'm moving on now.

                                  Thank youi

                                • Kirill (DevExpress Support) 11.28.2016
                                  I'm happy to hear that this example helped you.
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