What's New in v2011 vol 1

WPF Ribbon Control

New WPF BackstageView Control for DXRibbon

The WPF BackStageView Control allows you to emulate the application menu found in the latest Ribbon UI-based Microsoft Office products (e.g. Microsoft Word 2010).

BackstageView Control is an advanced version of a menu - designed to be the main menu in Ribbon-UI based applications. It is generally displayed when an end-user clicks the Application Button:

Ribbon Application Button - DXRibbon for WPF

In addition, the BackstageView Control can be displayed as a standalone control, when necessary.

When opened as a Ribbon menu, BackstageView Control is stretched to the window.

The control can display tab items along with regular buttons. Tab items behave much like tab pages in a tab control - the contents of these items are opened when an item header is clicked. As you might expect, any custom control can be displayed within tab items.

Ribbon BackstageViewControl - DXRibbon for WPF

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Ribbon Design Time Enhancements

The newest version of the DevExpress WPF Ribbon Control includes design-time improvements to simplify its use. Support for menus and on-form actions to help you add and access Ribbon elements on the fly are now included.

Bar items, Ribbon Pages, Page Groups and Categories can now be added to DXRibbon via a context menu. When adding a bar item, the item type can be selected using a sub-menu:

Ribbon Design Time Customization Menu - DXRibbon for WPF

You can add items to a Ribbon Status Bar using the same approach. A context menu will help you add items at the status bar's left or rightmost edge:

Ribbon Design Time Customization Menu - DXRibbon for WPF

When you select a Ribbon item, its settings are listed in the Properties window, allowing for easy customization. The item's context menu will help you add the item to the Ribbon’s Quick Access Toolbar and Page Header:

Ribbon Design Time Customization Menu - DXRibbon for WPF


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