What's New in v2011 vol 2

WinForms Data Editors and Common Controls

Image Slider - The New XtraEditors Control

DXperience v2011 vol 2 ships with a new Image Slider Control – for straightforward navigation of image collections. Image navigation is managed via the 'Forward' and 'Back' buttons (invisible when not hovered). Sliding from one image to another is accompanied by an animation which can take as long as you desire. The following video shows the Image Slider in action:

Image Slider Control for WinForms by DevExpress

The Image Slider Control ships with touch-input device support.

PictureEdit - Zooming and Scrolling Big Images

With this release, the PictureEdit control provides a scrolling feature that makes it easy to view large images. You can enable built-in scroll bars and also enable image scrolling via mouse drag events:

Scrolling Image - WinForms PictureEdit by DevExpress

New zoom options allow you to zoom images via the CTRL+Mouse Wheel shortcut and via a context menu:

Zoom Controls - WinForms PictureEdit by DevExpress

Progress Panel

You can indicate the progress of lengthy operations in a number of ways. One option is to use the Progress Bar or Marquee Progress Bar controls. Another is our newly introduced Progress Panel control:

Progress Panel for WinForms by DevExpress

Once the control is added to the form, continuous image animation automatically starts. For each skin, the Progress Panel has its own unique appearance:

Wait Forms and Progress Panels Painted in Different Skins - WinForms Controls by DevExpress

If you want to display a Progress Panel as a separate window, you can use the Wait Form provided by the new Splash Screen Manager component.

Shared Image Collection

Image collections store images to be displayed in various controls and components within a form. For example, they can store icons for Bar or Ribbon items, or Grid and Tree List column headers. The new static Shared Image Collection is invaluable when you want to share the same images between controls placed across multiple forms.

If you need to use the same image across multiple forms, there is now no need to duplicate images by creating separate image collections within each individual form. Instead, use a single Shared Image Collection to store images that need to be accessible within you project.

Shared Image Collection for WinForms by DevExpress

You can load images into the collection from disk or the project's resources. Different image sizes can be added.

The Shared Image Collection does not resize added images, and as such, you can store different image sizes in the collection.

The Shared Image Collection supports an image synchronization feature. You can add images into the collection and the new images will be instantly accessible within all forms where the static collection is used. If you add an image to the collection from the project's resources and then modify this image, changes will be automatically reflected by the collection and by all linked controls.

Miscellaneous Enhancements
  • ToolTips - Native Paint Style Support - Standard tooltips for your controls will be painted using native Windows paint mechanisms. As such, custom tooltips will be identical to tooltips built into the Microsoft Windows® OS.

    ToolTips - Native Windows Paint Style - DevExpress Controls for WinForms

  • Marquee Progress Bar - You can temporarily pause the running progress of the Marquee Progress Bar and then resume running the progress from the position where it was stopped.
  • Image Collection - This component allows you to load images into the collection from the project's resources. If you modify an image in the project's resources, the collection will automatically reflect changes.

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