It's not just a Grid

Underlying the ground breaking flexibility of the ExpressQuantumGrid are a series of powerful cell editors and an architecture that allows the same code from these editors to be reused as Data bound and unbound standalone controls.

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These controls work together using the same repository functionality and look & feel controllers to give your applications State-of-the-Art User Interfaces with very little coding.

Break out from the Standard mold

Most VCL controls available to Developers today are simply descendants of the original VCL UI controls that ship with Delphi, they introduce new functionality as a thin patina upon the original Borland components upon which they are based, and they are subject to the same architectural limitations.

Underpinning the flexibility of all Developer Express components is the fact that most Developer Express Controls are created directly from Windows API primitives and our own finely tuned common UI primitives and are thus able to do things that other VCL controls just can not.

A perfect case in point Developer Express has for 3 years been able to create combo controls with resizable drop down surfaces, just like Microsoft - Components that rely on inheriting from VCL controls are still waiting for Borland to implement that functionality.

Only the ExpressEditors Library breaks out of the VCL mold to deliver cutting-edge User Interfaces.

Simplify your Developer Palette

Every VCL developer is confronted with the same problem, the more VCL controls on your palette, the harder it is to find the exact one you need. This is exacerbated by the fact that some component libraries have multiple versions of the same control that each perform slightly differently. The ExpressEditors Library simplifies this by aggregating the functionality of all versions into one control that can perform all the multiple behaviors.

For example the standard Borland palette includes three different button controls each introducing only slightly different behavior, some third party libraries bring another 10 or 20 different buttons styles to your palette - the ExpressEditors Library gives you one control that is able to replace a TButton, a TSpeedButton, a TBitBtn and the Buttons of a wide range of third party controls in one fell swoop.

The ExpressEditors Library includes other controls that perform similarly such as the GroupBox that is able to position it's caption at any of 13 positions including centered - just like a TPanel. Why waste that precious space on your palette with multiple icons when one will do the job of 2 or 3.

Consistency - The most important feature that a professional application can have!

Poll any group of users to find out which application they find more professional, an application with multiple different User Interface styles, or one with one Consistent User Interface style - and the consistent application will win out every time.

The ExpressEditors Library has several tools that help you generate applications with consistent User Interfaces time after time - no extra code required.

The centralized "Look & Feel" controllers allow you to change the overall look and feel of your entire application as easily as changing one property. Editor repositories allow you to reuse the same editor configurations and code over and over - bringing not only User Interface consistency but the ability to reuse the exact same validation or customization code.

Editor Style Controllers allow you to further specify your own unique editor Style and be sure that every control in your application will follow in lockstep - want to have all your editors show a single underline like MS Money instead of a Border box, simply drop on an editStyleController and change the editor border accordingly - and hey presto every control in your application now follows the new custom style.

Windows XP themes with older versions of Delphi? - We answer 'Yes!'

Want your application to use the latest XP Themes, but you don't have the latest Delphi? No problem - the ExpressEditors Library will work with all Win32 versions of Delphi from 5 upwards, and all C++Builder versions from 5 upwards.

Office 11 Look and Feel

With version 5, we have added yet another new look and feel option to the ExpressQuantumGrid and ExpressEditors Library. Now, you can easily introduce the look and feel introduced in Office 11 in your application.

ExpressEditors Library - Extensible

There is one other important advantage to the architecture and thousands of lines of code behind the ExpressQuantumGrid and ExpressEditors Library - Extensibility.

Once a custom editor component is created and installed in a design-time package, you can use the editor in exactly the same way as the others - Bound or unbound - Embedded or standalone.

ExpressEditors Library - The perfect addition to the modern VCL developers palette

No other library will empower developers to produce professional application with State-of-the-Art User Interfaces quite like the ExpressEditors Library.


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