A powerful collection of over 90 data editors available in both unbound and data-aware modes and over 35 multi-purpose controls.

Data Input Controls:
Data Input Controls

ExpressEditors are optimized to be used within container controls. Container controls can create fully functional in-place editors on-the-fly and apply all the necessary editor settings that can be managed via repository items. This allows you to reuse the same editor settings across all the editors within your application - both in-place and standalone - thus guaranteeing the highest possible design-time productivity.

The following data input controls shipped as part of the ExpressEditors Library can be used for standalone data editing or within container controls such as the ExpressQuantumGrid and ExpressQuantumTreeList.

Barcode Control BLOB Editor Button Editor
Calculator Check Box Checkbox Group
Checked Group Checked List Color Combo Box
Color EditorColor GalleryColor Picker
Combo Box Currency Editor Date Picker
Date-Time Wheel PickerDB Barcode Control DB BLOB Editor
DB Button Editor DB Calculator DB Check Box
DB Checkbox Group DB Checked Group DB Checked List
DB Color EditorDB Color Gallery DB Combo Box
DB Combo Box DB Currency Editor DB Date Picker
DB Date-Time Wheel Picker DB Dropdown Checked List DB Extended Lookup
DB Font Picker DB Hyperlink Editor DB Image Combo Box
DB Image Editor DB Label DB Lookup Editor
DB Lookup Tree View Editor DB Mask Editor DB Memo Editor
DB MRU Editor DB Numeric Wheel Picker DB Popup Editor
DB Progress Bar DB Radio Group DB Range Track Bar
DB Rating Control DB Rich Editor DB Sparkline Editor
DB Sparkline Lookup Editor DB Spin Editor DB Text Editor
DB Time Editor DB Toggle Switch EditorDB Token Editor
DB Track Bar DB Tree View Editor DB Zoom Track Bar
Dropdown Checked List Extended Lookup Font Picker
Generic Wheel Picker Hyperlink Editor Image Combo Box
Image Editor Label Lookup Editor
Lookup Tree View Editor Mask Editor Memo Editor
MRU Editor Numeric Wheel Picker Popup Editor
Progress Bar Radio Group Range Control
Range Track BarRating Control Rich Editor
Sparkline EditorSparkline Lookup Editor Spin Editor
Text Editor Time Editor Toggle Switch Editor
Token Editor Track Bar Tree View Editor
Zoom Track Bar

Multi-Purpose Controls:
Multi-Purpose Controls

The ExpressEditors Library is not just about data editing. It includes the following multi-purpose controls so you can address a wide range of business requirements with a single toolset.

Activity Indicator Control BevelBreadcrumb Editor
Button Control Callout Popup ControlCamera Control
ClockColor Dialog Data Navigator
DB Breadcrumb Editor DB Data Navigator DB List Box
DB Navigator DB Shell Combo Box Gallery Control
Grid Popup Menu Header Control Image Collection
Image Dropdown ListImage ListImage List Box
Image SliderImage Spin Control List Box
Multi Column List Box Radio Button Scrollbar
ScrollboxShell Breadcrumb Editor Shell Browser Dialog
Shell Combo Box Shell List View Shell TreeView
Spin Button Taskbar ProgressToolbar DB Navigator
UI Adorner Manager

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The Windows 8 touch-first Tile UI.
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From Office to MacOS, a theme for all seasons.
Microsoft Excel style spreadsheet control.
Unmatched data editing options.
Different map types and amazing interactivity.
Data visualization for dashboards.
Visio® style hierarchical chart control.
Visualizes workflow diagrams & network topologies.
Multi-purpose components for VCL.

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