VCL Shared Framework


Any good RAD solution provides developers with many different ways of modifying the design and maintenance of User Interface elements. The ExpressQuantumGrid, ExpressQuantumTreeList, ExpressScheduler, ExpressPivotGrid, and ExpressVerticalGrid Suites (including editors in the ExpressEditors Library) are no exception - they provide the ultimate in element flexibility from Styles and Editor Configurations to the overall Look & Feel. The centralized Style Repositories and Edit Repositories included into these Suites are designed to create and enforce a consistent functionality and presentation layer across your projects without any hassle!

Edit Repositories

Many times in a modern data based application you find repeating classes of data like State fields that are found everywhere an Address is stored. How many times do you find yourself building editors with the same functionality over and over again, for example a Lookup editor to retrieve State codes, or Credit Card types?
We offer you the EditRepository component which allows you to solve this problem in an elegant and effective manner.

  • Reusable Editors
    The EditRepository is a component for storing reusable Editors that have been pre-configured for common tasks such as common lookup editors, or commonly constrained fields such as a Date of Birth field that could never have a date later than Today. Any editor in the ExpressEditors Library can reference an EditRepository Item and automatically reuse the functionality of that item. Additionally, elements from the grids that have common editors such as columns in a table can reference an EditRepository Item.
  • Increased Application Reliability
    The ability to reuse Editor functionality is not only a great tool to dramatically decrease development time, but also a tool to increase the reliability of your applications as reusing the same editors in many places increases the chance that you will catch any bugs in your validation logic early, and by virtue of the fact that the problem has to be fixed in only one place decreases the time taken to fix any logic issues in an application.
Style Repositories

With our Styles Technology, you have both the immaculate and centralized control over appearance aspects of your applications. The backbone of this technology are Style Repositories - the place where all the Styles and Style sheets are stored and managed. By using Style Repositories you can control the appearance of all the controls which support our Styles technology within your application from a centralized location - with ease!


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