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The ExpressBars Suite is our next generation 100% VCL Ribbon, toolbar, menu and docking system for Delphi and C++Builder. Written from the ground up, it is optimized to take full advantage of the VCL component architecture and once integrated into your projects, gives you the power to deliver unrivalled capabilities and runtime customization to your end-users without writing a single line of source code.

The ExpressBars Suite is both powerful and easy to use. For your end-users, they will have at their disposal the same UI elements they use each and every day within applications such as MS Office and Internet Explorer. For you, ExpressBars provides an extremely rich design time environment so you can produce superior applications in the shortest possible time.

The features listed below offer you a glimpse into ExpressBars and the benefits it will bring to your next Win32 application.

  • Toolbar-menu Systems - Microsoft Office 2003 style main menu and toolbar navigation systems are just a couple of clicks away with the ExpressBars Suite.
  • Popup Context Menu - ExpressBars also includes a popup menu for use throughout your application. (Screen Shot)
  • Editor Integration into Ribbon, Toolbars and Menus - Most application require navigation systems to have built-in control elements like font name selectors, track bars, check boxes, etc. The ExpressBars provides a number of built-in element types and also enables you to use any editor from the ExpressEditors Library in your toolbars, menus and Ribbons.
  • Fully Customizable Status Bar - Need a status bar which your end-users can customize just as they do their toolbars and menus? ExpressBars includes a built-in status bar so you can deliver an entirely customizable application to your end-users. (Screen Shot)
  • Multiple Display Styles - Whether you prefer MS Office 2003 or the new Office 2007 - Internet Explorer or Windows Vista, the ExpressBars Suite gives you the options to build your best. This includes the ability to use large or small buttons within individual bars. (Screen Shot)
  • WYSIWYG On-Form Designer - Ready to stop struggling with overly complex menu/toolbar designers? ExpressBars makes it supremely simple to design your next navigation system. All customization are done right on the form. There are no popup dialogs to slow you down. (Screen Shot)
  • Automatic Drag & Drop End User Customization - Just like MS Office, your applications can allow end-users to fully customize toolbars, menus and even Ribbons, thus giving your apps highly polished presentation and flexibility. The ExpressBars even allows you to enable "hot" customization for toolbar-menu systems. Hot customization is the ability for end-users to manipulate menus/bars without activating the customization dialog. (Screen Shot)
  • ICQ® Style Collapsible Menu Groups - Tired of using sub-menus to organize large sets of menu items? Want a different approach that allows you to logically organize your menus? With ExpressBars' collapsible menus, you can introduce an extremely intuitive menu layout to your applications. (Screen Shot)
  • Background Image Support - The ExpressBars allows you to display background images within your toolbars and menus. (Screen Shot)
  • Complete Control Over Toolbar/Menu Dock Position - With the ExpressBars, your users can dock toolbars/menus in a manner suiting their own needs. (Screen Shot)
  • Load and Save State - With the ExpressBars, you can load and save Bar state to an INI file, to the Windows Registry and to a stream.
  • Detachable Sub-Menus - ExpressBars offers you and your end-users the ability to tear off any sub-menu and allow them to float…just like MS Office. (Screen Shot)
  • Complete Localization Support
  • Resizable Drop-Down Windows(Screen Shot)
  • Automatic Conversion of Existing TMenu(s)
  • Automatic Quick Menu/Toolbar Customization - Just like MS Office®. (Screen Shot)
  • Menu Usage Tracking (Just like MS Office®) (Screen Shot)
  • Comprehensive MRU support
  • Menu Animation
  • Full Control Over Bar Caption Orientation
  • Action List Support
  • MS Outlook® Style SideBar
  • Full Support for ImageLists (To help reduce GDI resource usage)
  • DisabledImages and HotImages support
  • Integrated Look and Feel Controller - The ExpressBars Suite fully supports the look and feel capabilities introduced in the ExpressQuantumGrid Suite v4, via the same Look and Feel Controller. You can now manage the appearance of both of these libraries via the same centralized repository.
  • Logical Groups - Enable and disable multiple controls in one easy step. (Less code = Less hassles).

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