Tab & Page Controls:
Tab & Page Controls

The DevExpress VCL Tab and Page controls allow you to introduce advanced tabbed interfaces into your Windows® applications. Whether you need an individual page for each tab or you need tabs that update the content of the same controls, the VCL Tab and Page controls offer a solution to meet your business needs.

Key features include: Numerous Options for the Tab Header Location and Orientation ● Multi-line Tab Arrangement ● Built-in Tab Navigator with Customizable Location and Content ● Application-Wide Skinning Support ● Additional Paint Styles including Slanted and OneNote Inspired Tabs

Outlook Inspired Alert Window:
Outlook Inspired Alert Window

The DevExpress VCL Alert Window Manager component allows you to build applications with Microsoft Outlook or Skype style alerts.

Key features include: Automatic Arrangement of Alert Windows ● Built-in Animation Effects ● Message Queue Browsing ● Extendable Window Content (with Custom Buttons and Popup Menus) ● Application-Wide Skinning Support ● Custom Painting

Filter Control:
Filter Control

The DevExpress VCL Filter Control is a customizable dialog that allows end-users to build filter criteria of any complexity with a simple yet elegant interface that puts the entire power of the filtering sub-system at their fingertips.

Through a simple process of selecting column(s) to filter against, an operator for the filter and one or more values to apply to the filter against that column, your end-users will be able to create even the most sophisticated of filters easily.

Breadcrumb Control:
Breadcrumb Control

The DevExpress VCL Breadcrumb Control presents hierarchical data in a linear form. It has three separate versions that differ according to the data mode being used:

  • Bound: The hierarchical data is loaded from a self-referenced dataset.
  • Virtual: The data is loaded dynamically using a special event.
  • System Shell: The data is read from the Windows shell environment.

100% VCL. 100% DevExpress.

The 210+ controls and libraries that make up the DevExpress VCL Subscription have been engineered to address the UI, analytics and reporting requirements for a broad range of solutions targeting Windows®. If you are a Delphi/C++Builder developer and are ready to experience the #1 selling control library on the market today, download your free trial today or explore the individual controls that ship as part of this subscription below.
Outlook® Style data shaping built-in.
Fully customizable Ribbon, Toolbars and Docking.
Instant reporting - render and export your UI.
Outlook® Style scheduling and calendars.
Excel® style multi-dimensional pivot table.
Hybrid treeview and list view control.
A vertical data grid and Delphi style Object Inspector in one.
Office® style spell checker.
Outlook® Style app navigation controls.
Create advanced app wizards with ease.
The Windows 8 touch-first Tile UI.
Create forms faster, with runtime customization.
From Office to MacOS, a theme for all seasons.
Microsoft Excel style spreadsheet control.
Unmatched data editing options.
Different map types and amazing interactivity.
Data visualization for dashboards.
Visio® style hierarchical chart control.
Visualizes workflow diagrams & network topologies.
Multi-purpose components for VCL.

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