If your next project requires a native WinRT application and if you want to spend more time writing business logic and addressing customer needs versus worrying about Windows 8 UI guidelines, then the tools that make up the DevExpress Windows 8 Navigation Suite are a must in your development toolset. Once you invest in these controls, you will never again worry about Windows 8 device orientation/snap state, scroll position, nor will you be forced to write cumbersome code to navigate your application’s hierarchy.
Application Navigation Made Easy: DevExpres Windows 8 Navigation Controls
Application Navigation Made Easy

All the controls that make up the DevExpress App Navigation Suite fully support MVVM design patterns. The Suite is your gateway to higher productivity with features such as:

  • Automatically suspending/restoring a control’s state (scroll position, currently selected item) when an application suspends/resumes.
  • Automatically handling the application’s view state (Portrait/Landscape/Snapped state of the application on a Windows 8 device).
  • Auto generated navigation by specifying targets for the control’s child items.
  • Built-in back and forward navigation against the application’s hierarchy.
  • Semantic zoom (see MSDN Guidelines for Semantic Zoom)

MVVM Utilities include:

  • Ready-to-use EventToCommand and ICommand implementations.
  • Services for dialogs and message dialog organization.
  • Base classes for ViewModels, numerous ValueConverters and helpers.

Navigation Controls: DevExpres Windows 8 Navigation Controls
Navigation Controls

The manner in which users navigate your Windows 8 application can be defined by a rich collection of controls that ship as part of the DevExpress Navigation Suite. Your options include:

  • TileBar: Displays a set of tiles within its container and allows you to introduce simple/straightforward navigation experiences to your applications.
  • SlideView: Presents items as a horizontally scrollable list. The DevExpress Windows 8 Slide View can be placed inside a SemanticZoom object, which adds automatic semantic zoom capabilities to the Slide View.
  • TabbedView: Presents items as individual pages with page headers displayed on the left (accordion).
  • PageView: Presents items as individual pages with page headers displayed at the top.
  • DXGridView: The DevExpress implementation of the standard GridView control which supports our navigation framework.
  • DXListView: The DevExpress implementation of the standard ListView control which supports our navigation framework.
  • DXPage: The DevExpress implementation of the standard Page control which supports our navigation framework.
  • PageAdorner: Provides a back button and header for application Page.

Application Templates: DevExpres Windows 8 Navigation Controls
Application Templates

Simplifying the way in which you create applications for Windows 8 lies at the heart of the DevExpress Navigation Suite. The following project and item templates are certain to reduce the amount of time it will take for you and your team to create the next great WinRT application.

  • XAML Project Templates
    Blank App | Grid App | SlideView App
  • Item Templates
    Blank Page | Blank Page with ViewModel | Horizontal Tabbed View (based on PageView) | Vertical Tabbed View (based on TabbedView) | Login Page (based on the Windows 8 Layout Control)

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Tile Controls : DevExpres Windows 8 Navigation Controls
Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Tile Controls

Re-produce the Windows Tile experience within your WinRT application by using one of two Tile Controls emulating either the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 UI. The DevExpress Windows 8 XAML Tile Control ships with the following features:

  • Content, Header, NotificationHeader elements.
  • All tile sizing options (extra large, large, small) supported by each individual operating system.
  • Visual selection and hover states along with check state.
  • Visual transitions when pressed/selected/hovered.
  • Compatible with the DevExpress MVVM Navigation Framework (by specifying Navigation target directly for a specific tile).
  • Animation Containers emulating all effects found in Microsoft Windows 8 and 8.1.

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Exceptional performance within the touch-first Windows 8 environment.
Comprehensive Collection of Charts.
PDF Viewer with multiple view types, printing and touch functionality.
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Different map types and amazing interactivity.
Spark, Date and Cartesian Chart Range Selectors.
Integrate 1D and 2D barcodes into your Windows 8 business solutions.
Month, Year, Decade and Century views.
Tile Control, SlideView, PageView and more.
Automatically arranges controls using Windows UI Guidelines.
Unmatched data editing options.

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