To effectively analyze information, you need controls that readily convey mission critical statistics to end-users. The DevExpress DXTREME ENTERPRISE Subscription incorporates a number of tools for this very purpose, from Charting and Maps, to powerful Gauge Controls. Like all data visualization controls engineered by DevExpress, the Windows 8 Gauge Control fully exploits the touch-first Windows 8 environment.
Circular Gauge Control for Windows 8: DevExpres Windows 8 XAML Map Control
Circular Gauge Control for Windows 8

Multiple Layers, hit testing, and the ability to customize all elements within the Gauge Control means you have complete control over the presentation of information within your Windows 8 application. Value indicators (Needles, Range Bars and Markers) work hand-in-hand with elegant visual elements (Ranges, Layers, Labels, Tickmarks, Line, Spindle Cap, Custom Labels and Elements) so you can build your best, without limits or compromise.

Linear Gauge Control for Windows 8: DevExpres Windows 8 XAML Map Control
Linear Gauge Control for Windows 8

Like the Circular Gauge, layers, hit testing and element customization are an integral part of the Windows 8 Linear Gauge Control. Linear Gauge Control elements include Level Bars, Range Bars and Markers.

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The 30 controls and libraries that make up the DevExpress Windows 8 XAML Subscription have been engineered to address the UI, analytics and reporting requirements for a broad range of solutions targeting Windows® and the Web. If you are a Windows 8 XAML developer and are ready to experience the DevExpress difference, download your free trial today or explore the individual controls that ship as part of this subscription below.
Exceptional performance within the touch-first Windows 8 environment.
Comprehensive Collection of Charts.
PDF Viewer with multiple view types, printing and touch functionality.
A collection of circular and linear gauges.
Different map types and amazing interactivity.
Spark, Date and Cartesian Chart Range Selectors.
Integrate 1D and 2D barcodes into your Windows 8 business solutions.
Month, Year, Decade and Century views.
Tile Control, SlideView, PageView and more.
Automatically arranges controls using Windows UI Guidelines.
Unmatched data editing options.

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