Appearance Customization

Multiple Palettes for Automatic Series Coloring

With the XtraCharts Suite, you don't have to struggle to create stunning and consistently colored series. We offer you several built-in palettes (or style schemes) that are used to automatically color bars in a bar view, sectors in a pie view, etc. Each palette specifies not only series colors, but also applies a consistent style to diagram background, axes, legend, etc. As a result, you can simply toggle a single property to change the entire color scheme of your chart.

Note that you can add or customize existing palettes as needed. The XtraCharts Suite offers you an intuitive color scheme designer for this purpose.

Custom Draw

The chart control offers you two events that fire before a particular element is painted. These events allow you to change appearance attributes for each individual element even if you can't reach this element via properties. For instance, you can manually control the appearance of each particular point or bar.

Appearance Customization For Individual Elements

The XtraCharts Suite allows you to present data in any supported format and specify the appearance that best suites your business needs. By customizing the appearance of desired chart elements, you can deliver a seemless experience to your end users and exploit the potential of our entire .NET product line to its maximum.

As you have probably guessed by now, simple things such as font/text color, solid/gradient/texture backgrounds, and border style customization are all available to you. But that's just the beginning... you can also customize the following:

  • Shadow color and size;
  • Advanced background gradients - even circle gradients if you build a pie chart;
  • Hatch backgrounds;
  • Varous line styles and thickness options.

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