Microsoft Office® Ribbon Bar

The XtraBars Suite is a powerhouse control library allowing you to deliver the User Interface most appropriate to your customer’s requirements. Whether you wish to use traditional toolbars and menus or the newest Office Style Ribbon, the XtraBars Suite offers a solution to address your needs.

Office 2007 Ribbon Control
Office 2007 Ribbon Control
Office 2010 Ribbon Control
Office 2010 Ribbon Control
Office 2013 Style

The brand-new style for DevExpress RibbonControl allows you to emulate the streamlined Microsoft Office 2013 UI in your applications!

Office 2013 Style - WinForms RibbonControl by DevExpress

With this style applied, a RibbonControl gets multiple unique features:

  • A BackstageViewControl, invoked via Application Button at the top left corner, occupies the entire window and displayes the 'Back' navigation button.
  • The Full-Screen Mode auto-hides a RibbonControl when the end-user is not currently using it, leaving a just a thin bar at the window's top.
MacOffice Paint Syle for Ribbon

Microsoft’s new MacOffice Ribbon Style can be emulated using the DevExpress WinForms Ribbon Control.

MacOffice Style for Ribbon - XtraBars Library for WinForms

Key features of the new MacOffice style are:

  • Items are arranged in two rows (traditionally, they are arranged in three rows) with group captions displayed at the top, rather than at the bottom:

    MacOffice Style for Ribbon - XtraBars Library for WinForms

  • Page groups are never collapsed when reducing the Ribbon's width; Instead scroll buttons appear that enable Ribbon scrolling:

    BackstageViewControl for Ribbon - XtraBars for WinForms

  • Gallery items are horizontally arranged across one row, and are scrolled horizontally:

    BackstageViewControl for Ribbon - XtraBars for WinForms
  • Although page category captions are always hidden in the MacOffice style, the Ribbon control has a feature that collapses page categories using an animation:

    BackstageViewControl for Ribbon - XtraBars for WinForms
Ribbon Form and Individual Ribbon Elements

The XtraBars Suite ships with several integrated Ribbon Bar UI components – engineered to help you introduce the look, feel and behavior of a Ribbon UI in the shortest possible time. By using the DevExpress Ribbon Form, all forms will automatically display a status bar and a Ribbon with round application button and Quick Access Toolbar. To make all this happen, the Ribbon Form class automatically places a Ribbon Control and a Ribbon Status Bar onto itself. You can also place these controls onto standard forms whenever needed.

Our Ribbon implementation allows you to display multiple item types within groups - from simple buttons to embedded editors (dozens of editor types such as font drop down window, combo box, color picker), MDI children lists and Office style galleries.

Customizable Application Menu

The DevExpress Ribbon Control allows you to create an application menu similar to that found in Microsoft Office 2007. You can populate the Ribbon Application Menu with the desired items via the Ribbon Designer dialog - much like you would do with a popup menu or a sub-menu. Items can be presented in three formats:

  • with small images and caption
  • with large images and caption
  • with large images, caption and description text

BackstageView Control for Ribbon

The BackstageView Control allows you to emulate the Office 2010 Style Application Menu for your Ribbon control. This control supports two types of items: a standard item and a tab item.

BackstageViewControl for Ribbon - WinForms XtraBars Library

Standard items act as buttons and tab items act as pages in a tab control. When using tab items, you can add and display any control within the Backstage View.

BackstageViewControl for Ribbon - XtraBars for WinForms

Ribbon Galleries

Galleries were designed to provide an easy and elegant way to organize lengthy option lists. The XtraBars Suite fully implements the Gallery functionality found in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. Key features include the following:

  • The in-ribbon gallery and its corresponding dropdown can use the same settings or can be customized individually.
  • In-ribbon galleries allow you to display item captions and descriptions along with images. You can align text to the right, left, top or bottom of corresponding images.
  • Three item layouts are currently supported in dropdown galleries: small images, large image with text, large images with text and description.
  • Items can be split across multiple groups. Groups are visually separated from one another by horizontal bars that display group captions.
  • In-ribbon items can use an animated zoom effect when hot-tracked.

Contextual Tabs

All tabs within the DevExpress Ribbon Control are grouped into categories - at least one default category contains permanently visible tabs. You can also create any number of context-dependent categories. Tabs contained in these categories can be made visible on demand, when required by the current context.

Ribbon Layout Resizing

The DevExpress Ribbon Control does not simply mimic the appearance of Microsoft Office…It also provides out-of-the-box layout adaptation capabilities. If you narrow a window, the ribbon's content will automatically be compressed by changing large to smaller images, hiding item text, moving buttons into dropdown windows, etc. If you widen the window, the layout will be restored to its initial state.

Ribbon Color Schemes

The Ribbon control supports multiple color schemes which affect the appearance of the Application Button and BackStageView Control (when used as a menu within the Ribbon).


These Ribbon schemes are only available when using Office 2010 skins.

Ribbon Mini Toolbar

If you have used the latest Microsoft Office applications, you may have noticed a small context-aware floating toolbar fade in when text or some other object is selected with the mouse. The toolbar is aware of the mouse cursor’s position: it will gradually fade out if you move the mouse cursor away. We’ve now incorporated this behavior into our new Ribbon Mini Toolbar, a floating toolbar that will allow you to display context-specific commands in your applications.

Ribbon Mini Toolbar - XtraBars for WinForms

You can display any commands within the mini toolbar (regular, checked, and split buttons, editors, galleries, etc). The opacity of the toolbar is dependent upon the distance of the mouse cursor from the toolbar's bounds: the closer in, the more opaque; the further away, the more transparent. At some predefined distance, the toolbar becomes completely hidden. We have provided dedicated properties to allow you to customize these opacity options.

Additionally, you can display a context menu at the same time as the Ribbon Mini Toolbar, much like Microsoft Office products:

Ribbon Mini Toolbar and Context Menu - XtraBars Library for WinForms

Easy-to-Use Design Time Experience

Critical to the value of any control library is its ability to deliver high efficiency design time capabilities. The following page describes some of the design-time options available to you when using the DevExpress Ribbon Control.

Ribbon Fade Animation Fully Supported

Animated hot-track effects are fully supported across the DevExpress WinForms product line. When end-users hover individual Ribbon elements, command buttons, check boxes, editor buttons or main menu items, these elements are highlighted using an animated fade effect. Fade animation is also used to restore an element's original state when the mouse pointer leaves this element.

Advanced Ribbon Tooltips

The DevExpress Ribbon Control supports "super tooltips” - enabling the display of advanced tooltips for group buttons and individual bar items. When using this property, you can easily specify header, footer and content text and also specify which images to display in each section.

Key Tips Fully Supported

The DevExpress Ribbon Control fully supports Key tips. If an end-user presses the ALT or F10 key, small tooltips showing keyboard shortcuts are displayed over Ribbon items.

Microsoft® Office UI Guidelines

The DevExpress Ribbon Control fully complies with the guidelines and standards set forth by Microsoft in its Office User Interface Design Guidelines – including the following elements and specs:

  • Application menu
  • Tabs and Groups
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Embedded Controls (such as buttons, combo boxes, etc)
  • Automatic Resizing
  • Keyboard Access – KeyTips and ALT key
  • Galleries

Note for software component products that emulate the look & feel and capabilities of the Microsoft® Office® 2007 and 2010 UI
No rights are provided to Developer End User to the Microsoft Office UI under the DevExpress License Agreement. To learn more about licensing requirements for the Microsoft Office UI, you must contact Microsoft Corporation directly. Information related to Microsoft's licensing requirements for the Office 2007 UI can be found at:


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