Color Scheme Editor - DXThemeWheel for WPF

If the standard themes shipped with DXperience do not satisfy your business requirements, you can simply use a given theme as a base and then specify color transformations in order to preserve the overall look and feel yet alter the palette used. For instance, all shades of blue in the Office 2007 Blue scheme can be changed to corresponding shades of Pink or Green.

These color transformations can be applied using the Color Theme Editor dialog shipped with our WPF Controls. The quickest way to see it in action is to invoke it from our control demos.

The palette shows all the colors used in the current theme. You can move these colors around the color disc to change them and if you move one, all of them will be automatically updated. This group behavior is controlled by the combo box right below the palette. If you wish, you can disable grouping to modify every color individually or apply a different grouping pattern.

Select Color Grouping Rule in DevExpress WPF Theme Editor

Changing all colors simultaneously may not be flexible enough for all customization scenarios. Even if you simply want to change the overall color scheme while preserving the hot-track and pressed styles, you need to customize just a subset of theme colors. Editing every individual color would require a significant effort. To address the limitations of these 2 customization options, we include a 'color clusters' option.

By using the Colors group on the right-hand side, you can specify the number of color clusters you want to work with. Once specified, all colors are automatically divided into the specified number of groups, based on their similarity to one another. For instance, if you set the color count to 2 for the Office 2007 Blue theme, you obtain one cluster with mainly shades of blue and another with mainly shades of orange. If you unlock them, you can change the hot-track and pressed styles independently from the background style by specifying one color.

Changing the WPF Application Theme Using Color Clusters

Yet another important attribute of color clusters is a set of predefined harmonics. When you join colors into groups, a Harmonics group is generated so that you can choose one of the predefined color schemes. You can apply the color scheme as it is or use it as a starting point for your customizations.

Predefined Harmonics in the DevExpress WPF Theme Editor

The following are a few samples of what you can achieve by using the DevExpress Theme Editor Tool. All the paint styles listed below are the result of customizing the Office 2007 Blue scheme.

Dark SideLilianWindows Classic
RainySoft GreenWindows Seven

The customization capabilities mentioned in this overview are just the tip of the iceberg. The only way to experience the real power of the DevExpress WPF Theme Editor is to try it yourself by simply choosing Tools | Customize Color Scheme in any WPF demo shipped with our products.


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