The DevExpress Silverlight Subscription is a powerhouse suite of integrated Silverlight controls allowing you to deliver the User Interface most appropriate to your customer’s requirements.

Microsoft® Office® 2007, 2010 and 2013 Styles: DevExpress Silverlight Toolbar-Menu Controls
Microsoft® Office® 2007, 2010 and 2013 Styles

You can choose between Office 2013, Office 2010 and Office 2007 paint styles, and fully replicate the user experience found in Microsoft Office.

And just like Office 2010 and 2013, the DevExpress Silverlight Ribbon fully supports runtime customization.

Regular and Contextual Pages: DevExpress Silverlight Toolbar-Menu Controls
Regular and Contextual Pages

In addition to regular pages, which are always visible, the Ribbon control also supports contextual pages. These are painted differently than regular pages and are designed to provide context-dependent commands.

Help Topic: Ribbon Page Categories and Contextual Pages

In-Ribbon and Dropdown Galleries: DevExpress Silverlight Toolbar-Menu Controls
In-Ribbon and Dropdown Galleries

Galleries were designed to provide an easy and elegant way to organize lengthy option lists. The DevExpress Silverlight Ribbon Control fully implements the Gallery functionality found in Microsoft Office 2013.

Help Topic: Ribbon Galleries | Examples: How to define an in-ribbon gallery

Ribbon Items: DevExpress Silverlight Toolbar-Menu Controls
Ribbon Items

The Ribbon control allows you to display various items within its commands region and QAT: buttons, dropdown buttons, check buttons, submenus, editors, radio groups.

Help Topic: The List of Bar Items and Links

Automatic Layout Adaptation: DevExpress Silverlight Toolbar-Menu Controls
Automatic Layout Adaptation

The Ribbon control provides out-of-the-box layout adaptation capabilities. If you narrow a window, the Ribbon's content will automatically be compressed by changing large to smaller images, hiding item text, moving buttons into dropdown windows, etc. If you widen the window, the layout will be restored to its initial state.

Application Button and Menu: DevExpress Silverlight Toolbar-Menu Controls
Application Button and Menu

DX Ribbon allows you to support Office 2013, Office 2010, Office 2007 Application Buttons and Menus. For applications using the MS Office 2007 style, clicking the Application Button invokes a special menu, while in MS Office 2013 and 2010, the menu has a more elaborate appearance.

Help Topic: Application Button | Help Topic: Application Menu | Help Topic: Backstage View

Ribbon Status Bar: DevExpress Silverlight Toolbar-Menu Controls
Ribbon Status Bar

If you are using a Ribbon Control and wish to add a status bar to your application, you can use the built-in Ribbon Status Bar, which fully matches the appearance settings of the Ribbon.

Help Topic: Ribbon Status Bar | Examples: How to define a Ribbon Status Bar

Quick Access Toolbar: DevExpress Silverlight Toolbar-Menu Controls
Quick Access Toolbar

The Ribbon control is generally not customizable in the sense that an end-user cannot change the position of commands or hide them. However, favorite commands can be copied to the Quick Access Toolbar via a built-in context menu.

Help Topic: Ribbon Quick Access Toolbar | Examples: How to add items to the Quick Access Toolbar

Minimize the Ribbon: DevExpress Silverlight Toolbar-Menu Controls
Minimize the Ribbon

End-users can minimize the Ribbon so that only page headers are visible. Clicking any page header expands the minimized Ribbon.

Help Topic: Minimizing Ribbon

Key Tips: DevExpress Silverlight Toolbar-Menu Controls
Key Tips

Enable this feature to allow end-users to navigate through Ribbon elements and activate any Ribbon command using the keyboard.

Help Topic: Key Tips

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