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The DevExpress Silverlight Data Grid is an Outlook inspired editing and data shaping component allowing your end-users to easily manage information and display it on-screen as business requirements dictate. The grid ships with dozens of market leading features including integrated master-detail support and multiple data view options such as TableView and TreeView. And when you need to target modern devices such as the Surface tablet, DXGrid offers built-in touch support.
DevExpress Data Grid Control for Silverlight

High Performance Data Loading

No matter the number of records in your dataset, the DevExpress Silverlight Grid delivers unmatched performance across all data shaping operations. The DXGrid is powered by an asynchronous patent-pending server-side data processing engine (DevExpress Instant Feedback™ UI Mode) so that regardless of dataset size, users can shape and analyze information at lightning speeds, never sacrificing features or capabilities.
When DevExpress Instant Feedback™ UI Mode is used, the DevExpress Silverlight Grid Control and the host application will always remain responsive to user actions regardless of data operations initiated against the grid - from record scrolling, sorting, grouping and data filtering (because data loading is performed asynchronously, in a background thread).

Flexible Data Binding

DXGrid can display tabular data and hierarchical information within it and can be bound to data from a database, an XML file or to any data created at runtime. The grid can be bound to any object that implements the System.Collections.IEnumerable interface or its descendant (IList, ICollection). A rich collection of data source providers are available so you can build highly responsive solutions regardless of data service preferences.
  1. MultiThead Data Processing

  2. Unbound Columns and Expression Editor

  1. Table View

  2. TreeList View

  3. Banded View

  4. Master-Detail

Multiple UI Views

DXGrid can efficiently display data from a single data source or master-detail relationships of any complexity. It offers a comprehensive set of UI Views so you can deliver solutions that solve real-world business problems, without wasting precious time.
Standard Grid – Tabular View: Emulates the look feel and behavior of the Microsoft® Outlook® grid and displays information using a standard table metaphor.
TreeList View: A multi-column TreeView displays hierarchical data using a TreeList display metaphor, where columns represent data fields and nodes represent data records.
Banded Grid View: Quickly arrange column headers and corresponding data cells across multiple rows.
Master-Detail: Display "one-to-many" data relationships of any complexity. Since there are no limits to the number of relationships or nesting levels, each record can expand multiple detail grids and each detail record can have its own detail information.

Powerful Runtime Customizations

A nearly endless array of easy-to-use features are built-in to DXGrid so you can deliver solutions that can be customized at both design and runtime as needs dictate.
Column Options
Customizable Column Width ● Automatic Column Width ● Fixed Column Width ● Column Customization, Visibility and Order ● Best Fit ● Fixed (Anchored) Columns
Row Options
New Item Row ● Row Indication Panel ● Automatic Row Height ● Custom Row Height ● End-User Row Resizing ● Row Separators and Intervals
Row Templates
Manually customize the presentation of individual data rows by creating a custom row template. Whether you need to display a preview section within each row, enable row animation or build tooltips that provide extended information to end-users without moving focus away from the control, DXGrid Row Templates provide countless runtime options for your most demanding users.
  1. Row Templates

  2. Fixed Columns

  3. End-User Column Customization

  1. Data Sorting

  2. Data Grouping

  3. Total Summary Calculation

  4. Print Preview

Extensive Data Shaping Tools

DXGrid is not just a grid, it is a high performance data shaping, data mining and reporting platform, so you can unleash the power of information and intuitively present it to your end-users.
Data Sorting Options
Sort against Unlimited Number of Fields ● Sort by Display Text ● Custom Sorting Algorithms
Data Grouping Options
Group against an Unlimited Number of Columns ● Microsoft Outlook Style Group Row Painting ● Pre-defined Group Intervals ● Group by Display Text ● Manual Grouping Algorithms
Data Summaries
Total Summaries ● Group Row Summaries ● Group Footer Summaries ● Five Built-in Aggregate Functions ● Custom Aggregate Functions ● Sorting Against Group Summary Values ● Optional Automatic Totals Summary Updates
Printing and Data Export
Multiple data rendering and reporting options via a built-in WYSIWYG printing engine. Includes data export to multiple file formats including XLS, PDF, HTML, etc.

Powerhouse Filtering and Search

Instant Search Panel: Much like Microsoft Word’s Find feature, the Search Panel provides an easy and straightforward way for end-users to locate data. To execute a search, simply press CTRL+F, enter text within the Find box and the grid will display those records that have matching values.
Data Filtering: To help address the widest range of usage scenarios, a rich set of built-in data filtering mechanisms are also available to you. They include:
Microsoft Excel Style Filtering, ● Microsoft Excel Style Filter Dialogs ● Auto-Filter Row ● Filter Panel ● Advanced Filter Editor Dialog ● Custom Filtering
  1. Instant Search Panel

  2. Microsoft Excel Style Filtering

  3. Auto-Filter Row

  4. Advanced Filter Editor Dialog

  1. Data Editing

  2. Lookups with Embedded Grid Control

Comprehensive Data Editing

Data Editing: 20+ powerhouse cell data editors for easier data input ● Integrated UI for Adding, Deleting, and Navigating Records ● Multiple Row and Cell Selection ● Input Validation and Error Indication
Powerhouse Multi-Column Lookups: An embedded grid control in the dropdown allows you to leverage all the capabilities of the DXGrid within a lookup and customize the way in which users interact with lookup values.
Data Validation: Easily validate data input and reduce errors. DXGrid can perform validation at both the UI and data level.
Cell Based Validation ● Grid Level Validation ● Row Level Validation ● DataAnnotation Attributes and IDataErrorInfo ● Visual Error Indication

Record Selection, Scrolling and Usability

Multi-Row and Multi-Cell Selection: The DevExpress Silverlight Grid provides comprehensive record selection support. Rows and cells can be selected both programmatically and at runtime.
Extended Record Scrolling Options: Delivering outstanding performance regardless of the demands placed on your Silverlight application. DevExpress offers multiple choices for optimized record scrolling within the Silverlight Grid.
Serialization: Provide a seamless end-user experience and automatically save and restore DXGrid settings and layouts between application runs.
Drag & Drop: Give users total control over the arrangement of data rows and tree nodes within DXGrid. Enabling drag & drop support allows you to reorder rows, rearrange tree nodes and move data objects to external controls that support drag and drop.
Built-in Menus: Context (popup) Menus that provide instant access to DXGrid features are fully integrated and available for use at any time.
  1. Built-in Context Menu

  2. Multi-Row Selection

  3. Multi-Cell Selection

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