A feature-complete, multi-purpose, and data-aware TreeView-Grid control that has the ability to display information as a TREE, a GRID, or a combination of both - in either data bound or unbound mode with full data editing support.

All DevExpress ASP.NET Controls and MVC Extensions are built upon a shared web development framework. To learn more about optimizations such as web accessibility (Sec 508), AJAX, SharePoint, touch/gesture and CSS support, visit the ASP.NET Standards and Compliance webpage.

: DevExpres ASP.NET Tree List Control
Built for Your Development Needs
WebForms and MVC

It's Your Choice. The ASPxTreeList is available as a WebForms Control or an MVC Extension. Both ship as part of the DevExpress ASP.NET Subscription.

: DevExpres ASP.NET Tree List Control
Flexibility Inside
Data Binding and Node Selection

Data Binding: ASPxTreeList can be populated with data by binding to any standard data source. You can also bind the ASPxTreeList to any object that represents a tree structure, or manually create a tree in code. In addition, the ASPxTreeList can operate in Virtual Mode which improves performance when displaying large tree hierarchies. In this mode, child nodes are created and initialized on demand, only when their parent node is expanded for the first time.

Node Selection: Enable node selection for individual or all nodes using check boxes. You can optionally enable recursive selection to allow end-users to change the selected state of child nodes using a single click on their parent node. In addition to selection, you can use node focus to highlight one node at a time.

: DevExpres ASP.NET Tree List Control
Editing Simplified
Extended Data Editing Options

The ASPxTreeList eliminates all the restrictions associated with standard controls and helps you get to intuitive and error-free data input with the following features:

Inline Cell Editing: In cell data editing, using the rich collection of advanced data input WebForms Controls and MVC Extensions from the ASPxEditors Library.

Built-in Edit Form: Display an edit form either within a popup or as part of the ASPxTreeList's container. Data entered by an end-user within the Edit Form can be validated on the client or server before posting it to a data source. Client-side validation helps you improve performance, because it avoids sending a callback to a server.

Data Editing

: DevExpres ASP.NET Tree List Control
Data Shaping
Sort and Summarize

Data Sorting: The ASPxTreeList makes it easy for end-users to sort against an unlimited number of columns. When necessary, you can disable runtime sort options and handle all sort operations in code. Sort order is automatically indicated within the appropriate column using a glyph.

Data Summaries: ASPxTreeList allows you to calculate and display any number of summaries (total and group), for the entire tree and individual nodes. You can opt to calculate summaries using built-in aggregate functions or implement custom aggregate functions. The following built-in aggregate functions are available: Average, Count, Max, Min and Sum.

: DevExpres ASP.NET Tree List Control
Fully Customizable Features
Columns, Data Nav and Templates

Runtime Column Customization simplifies the manner in which users modify the visibility of individual columns within the TreeList. All it takes is a simple drag and drop to/from the column customization, just as they would in Microsoft Outlook.

Data Navigation is made easy with an integrated data pager that can be customized as requirements dictate.

Templates allow you to quickly extend built-in functionality and introduce new capabilities with minimum effort.

: DevExpres ASP.NET Tree List Control

Touch-Gesture Support: Deliver superior solutions that are touch-ready for next generation computing platforms.

Data Export - Instant Printed Reports: Once you've shaped your data as needed, you can easily create a printed report. The TreeList’s contents (in the same layout as it appears on-screen) can be exported to all popular formats, including RTF, PDF, XLSX, XLS, CSV.

Appearance Customization and Styling: In addition to a number of built-in themes, you can use style properties and CSS for appearance customization. Templates that are available for most control elements, enable you to easily adjust and enhance a control layout.

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