The ASPxHtmlEditor is a powerful and straightforward HTML Text Editor for WebForms and MVC. Regardless of the solution you need to build – be it a blog editor, email client or simply exchanging formatted documents within your company - you simply drop the control onto a form and instantly have access to a text editor with an intuitive user interface that resembles Microsoft® Word (with similar toolbars and the same keyboard shortcuts).

All DevExpress ASP.NET Controls and MVC Extensions are built upon a shared web development framework. To learn more about optimizations such as web accessibility (Sec 508), AJAX, SharePoint, touch/gesture and CSS support, visit the ASP.NET Standards and Compliance webpage.

: DevExpress HTML Editor
Built for Your Development Needs
WebForms and MVC

It’s Your Choice. The ASPxHTML Editor is available as a WebForms Control or an MVC Extension. Both ship as part of the DevExpress ASP.NET Subscription.

HTML Editing: DevExpress HTML Editor
HTML Editing

HTML Editing Features: The ASPxHtmlEditor control supports HTML input. You don't have to choose which input method to use, because the control provides automatic two-way synchronization between the visual editor and HTML code. End-users can switch to the code view and edit documents by manually controlling every tag and attribute. This allows them to use even those tags that aren't currently supported by the visual editor. At any time, they can switch back and forth to use the view that best suits their current editing requirements. Once editing has been completed, you instantly obtain HTML code to be published online.

Customizable Toolbars, Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts: DevExpress HTML Editor
Customizable Toolbars, Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts

Custom Toolbars: With the ASPxHtmlEditor, you are free to customize toolbar content as your needs dictate. You can use default toolbars, providing essential content editing tools as templates, tweak them as necessary or even create custom toolbars and populate them with standard or custom items - everything is possible. In addition, you can make toolbar items context-sensitive and dynamically control their availability, in response to selection changes.

Context Menu: By setting a single option, you can replace a browser's context menu (displayed by default for the ASPxHtmlEditor) with powerful built-in context menus that provide end-users with rich text editing options. Options include: clipboard operations and a number of context-specific operations (such as Modify Table, Change Image, etc.)

Keyboard Shortcuts: The ASPxHtmlEditor provides a fully customizable collection of shortcuts. You can remap or disable default shortcuts and bind keys to any editor command. The ASPxHtmlEditor provides a design-time collection editor to simplify shortcut customization.

Table Support: DevExpress HTML Editor
Table Support

Tables: The editor provides an extensive set of commands, allowing end-users to create, customize, and delete tables and their elements via built-in dialogs or context menus. Advanced cell operations including appearance customization, cell merging and splitting are also supported.

Built-in Image and Document Selectors: DevExpress HTML Editor
Built-in Image and Document Selectors

Explorer-like tools help simplify the manner in which end-users insert images and documents. The Select Image and Select Document dialogs allow end-users to manage content images and hyperlinks via a point-and-click UI, rather than typing URLs manually.

Because of the ASPxFileManager control integrated into the Select Image and Select Document dialogs, all file/folder management, access control, and upload capabilities are easy to use and available for you out-of-the-box.

Demos: Document Selector | Image Selector

Spell Checking and Custom Dialogs: DevExpress HTML Editor
Spell Checking and Custom Dialogs

Spell Checking: The editor provides end-users with built-in spell-checking capabilities. To get started, all you need to do is to link an ISpell or OpenOffice dictionary, and specify culture and grammar settings.

Custom Dialogs: The ASPxHtmlEditor offers you the capability to easily create custom dialogs and invoke them via toolbar items. You can provide any form for your dialog, customize its appearance and implement user-interaction logic via event handlers.

Safe Markup Generation and Validation Support: DevExpress HTML Editor
Safe Markup Generation and Validation Support

HTML Validation: With ASPxHtmlEditor, you never worry about the safety and validity of the HTML markup being entered. The editor automatically performs validation and is able to remove all potentially harmful code such as unknown tags and attributes, script elements, client-side event handlers and URLs with script content. The resulting HTML code is always kept safe, valid, and compliant with the specified document type: XHTML 1.0 Transitional, HTML5, or both. Moreover, the ASPxHtmlEditor allows you to provide custom validation logic.

Content Validation: In addition to HTML markup validation, you can enable powerful content validation, which can be performed both on the client and server. With easy-to-use API, you can adjust validation settings, customize the appearance of validation errors and provide custom validation logic.

Microsoft Word, Import and Export: DevExpress HTML Editor
Microsoft Word, Import and Export

Paste from Word Dialog: The HTML output produced by Microsoft Word is pretty lengthy. It contains lots of attributes that aren't really required to produce the same document view. When you needed to copy text from Microsoft Word to the ASPxHtmlEditor, all those unnecessary attributes were copied. Our HTML Editor control allows you to automatically eliminate these extra attributes and obtain cleaner and more compact HTML code.

Import/Export: With ASPxHtmlEditor, you can import and export editor contents from/to various document formats including:

Rich Text (.rtf) ● Office Open XML (.docx) ● MIME HTML (.mht) ● Open Document (.odt) ● Plain Text (.txt) ● Portable Document (.pdf)

Custom CSS and Rich Client-Side Functionality : DevExpress HTML Editor
Custom CSS and Rich Client-Side Functionality

Custom CSS: The ASPxHtmlEditor control supports Custom CSS which allows your custom formatting (defined by custom CSS classes) to be exposed to end-users and applied to the content selected within the editor. By using custom CSS, logical elements (such as titles, headers, text blocks, etc) can be formatted using individual formatting styles, which are defined by names of the associated CSS class and HTML tag.

Client-Side Commands: A comprehensive client-side API is available for our controls. This functionality, which is then coupled with the ability to handle a rich set of client events allows you to have full control over the control's behavior on the client side.

Placeholders (Mail Merge): DevExpress HTML Editor
Placeholders (Mail Merge)

Placeholders allow end-users to create text templates. These placeholders can then be replaced with required values (from a database).

Tag Inspector: DevExpress HTML Editor
Tag Inspector

The Tag Inspector allows end-users to navigate through a tag hierarchy, remove tags, and customize tag properties using the Tag Properties Editor.

Content Element Filtering: DevExpress HTML Editor
Content Element Filtering

The DevExpress HTML Editor allows you to filter content elements. You can specify filter rules for tags, attributes, and style attributes.

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