All DevExpress ASP.NET Controls and MVC Extensions are built upon a shared web development framework. To learn more about optimizations such as web accessibility (Sec 508), AJAX, SharePoint, touch/gesture and CSS support, visit the ASP.NET Standards and Compliance webpage.

Multi-File Upload (WebForms and MVC): DevExpress Navigation and Layout Controls
Multi-File Upload (WebForms and MVC)

The DevExpress WebForms Upload Control and MVC Extension allow you to introduce file upload capabilities in your web application with ease. Once you place this control onto a web page, end-users can select the files they wish to upload to the server by entering the file’s path into a text box or by invoking the standard Open file dialog. Since multi-file upload is fully supported, the control can display multiple text boxes, with corresponding file Browse buttons.

File upload operations can be initiated by clicking the built-in Upload button, by calling a specially designed client-side method or in response to a postback. During file upload, users are automatically notified of progress via the built-in Progress Panel. A cancel button can optionally terminate all upload operations.

You have full control over the UI experience and as such, you are free to substitute the built-in UI with custom controls.

Demo: WebForms Multi-File Selection | Demo: MVC Multi-File Selection | Demo: WebForms Custom UI | Demo: MVC AJAX Callback File Upload | Video: ASP.NET Upload Control - Upload Large Files

Explorer-Like File Manager (WebForms and MVC): DevExpress Navigation and Layout Controls
Explorer-Like File Manager (WebForms and MVC)

The ASP.NET File Manager provides advanced file management and Windows Explorer like functionality for any web application. It allows end-users to browse, select and upload files or change folder structure by renaming, moving and deleting files or folders. File and folder management capabilities are fully customizable and can be disabled when necessary. Features include:

  • Windows® Explorer inspired UI
  • Image thumbnails are automatically generated and displayed. (Show Me)
  • A database can be used as a source of file system data. (Show Me)
  • Folder content can be loaded on demand via AJAX callbacks.
  • The file list updates dynamically via callbacks.
  • Ability to rename, move and delete files and folders.
  • Ability to create new folders.
  • Ability to download files.
  • Ability to upload files using a built-in upload panel.
  • Access rules can be specified to control access permissions. (Show Me)
  • ASPxFileManager allows you to respond to various actions on files and folders. (deleting, renaming, changing file selection, file opening, etc.).
  • Incorporates a quick search feature using a built-in filter box.
  • Keyboard support for key file operations.
  • Client-Side Events: Perform custom actions before and after items are edited and handle errors that arise during editing. (Show Me)
  • Client-Side API: Obtain info on selected files, get current folder path and a file's full name and refresh all pages.

Demo: File Manager - Features | Video: ASP.NET File Manager - Getting Started | Video: ASP.NET File Manager - Security Access Rules

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