A crucial attribute of any web control is its size. When a well-written control is used, it is able to transmit fewer bytes to the client and allow you to deliver a more effective end-user experience. As you can imagine, we fully appreciate the importance of minimizing network traffic and that's why we've made every effort to produce minimum HTML code or scripts that represent our controls in an individual web page.

Our developers followed two basic rules when designing our new web controls:

  • If a control doesn't need some portion of its core functionality in its current state, the corresponding HTML code and scripts are not to be rendered. For instance, a menu that doesn't require hot-track functionality will be smaller than the same menu with hot-track functionality enabled.
  • If there is more than one approach to implement a particular feature, the one that results in smaller control size should be chosen.

With these rules in hand, we believe we've taken the necessary steps to ensure minimal control size. We have also implemented mechanisms to reduce the size of scripts and style management code.


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