ASP.NET Themes

DevExpress ASP.NET product line controls are shipped with a set of predefined visual themes - DevExpress Themes - that allow you to provide a consistent appearance through all DevExpress ASP.NET controls contained within your website pages.

Help Topic: DevExpress Themes Overview

XHTML Compliance: ASP.NET
XHTML Compliance

Our ASP.NET products render HTML code that allows them to look and behave properly and uniformly within web pages using one of the following document types: XHTML 1.0 Transitonal, XHTML 1.0 Strict, HTML5.

Help Topic: Supported Document Types

Fast and Lightweight: ASP.NET
Fast and Lightweight

DevExpress controls are highly-optimized for exceptional performance and efficient memory use without the loss of functionality or features. DevExpress ASP.NET controls also support optimizations like HTML compression, callbacks, image sprites, resource caching and sharing.

DevExpress ASP.NET navigation controls use a semantic HTML to keep output clean and minimal. The semantic HTML markup means that web pages are lighter and faster, more search engine friendly and it also gives you better accessibility with screen readers.

AJAX-enabled Features: ASP.NET
AJAX-enabled Features

Each and every control provides an ability to update the control using callbacks, eliminating the need to re-load the entire page. This callback functionality allows you to optimize how data is transferred to the client.

We also offer you a comprehensive client-side API, along with the ability to handle events on the client side. With our ASP.NET components, you have full control over the control's behavior via client functions.

Sharepoint Integration: ASP.NET
Sharepoint Integration

All DevExpress ASP.NET Controls can be integrated into SharePoint pages. To emulate the default style of SharePoint portals, the DevExpress Aqua Web Theme was specifically designed for SharePoint developers.

Demo: DevExpress ASP.NET Controls for SharePoint | Help Topic: SharePoint Support

Section 508 and Web Accessibility: ASP.NET
Section 508 and Web Accessibility

The DevExpress ASP.NET Subscription makes it easy to create web applications that meet government regulations regarding web accessibility. Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 support is available across the entire DevExpress ASP.NET Product Line.

Help Topic: Accessibility Support

Cross Browser Compatibility: ASP.NET
Cross Browser Compatibility

Our controls are cross-browser compatible and are carefully tested on multiple browsers to ensure utmost compatibility. We currently support the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla FireFox 2+, Google Chrome 1 +, Safari 3+, and Opera 9+.

Touch Enabled: iOS, Android, and IE10: ASP.NET
Touch Enabled: iOS, Android, and IE10

Deliver elegant, touch-enabled ASP.NET and MVC web applications using the platform you know and love. The DXperience ASP.NET Subscription helps you leverage your current investments and address customer needs via a comprehensive range of WebForms Controls and MVC Extensions that support touch on iOS Safari, Android and Internet Explorer 10.

Demo: Touch Support | Help Topic: Touch Support | Video: ASP.NET Controls: iPad Support | Blog: ASP.NET Touch Support for the iPad and Android Tablet Devices | Blog: ASP.NET Controls - Touch Enabled on the iPad...

Unlimited Appearance and Content Customization: ASP.NET
Unlimited Appearance and Content Customization

All DevExpress ASP.NET controls ship with over 10 built-in themes – allowing you to change how controls look and behave with a single mouse click. Additionally, our controls fully support style properties so you can customize the appearance of individual elements and manage the overall appearance of a given control. Numerous DevExpress ASP.NET controls support templates, so for each control and each element inside it, you can fully customize the appearance or layout using any HTML or server-side control.

Insert MVC Extension Wizard: ASP.NET
Insert MVC Extension Wizard

Insert Extension Wizard allows you to easily add fully functional MVC extensions to your projects in the shortest time and with minimum coding.

Help Topic: Insert Extension Wizard

Visual Studio Project Templates: ASP.NET
Visual Studio Project Templates

We provide specific Visual Studio project templates that help you easily start with DevExpress ASP.NET Controls and MVC Extensions using either C# or VB.NET.

Help Topic: Web Application Project Templates

Localization Support: ASP.NET
Localization Support

All our ASP.NET components can be easily localized using satellite resource assemblies. DevExpress delivers satellite assemblies for a large variety of languages and cultures. To make it easy to get started, resource files for four cultures are included to our installation: German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. The other localization resources are accessible on our site.

Help Topic: Localization Overview

Full CSS Support: ASP.NET
Full CSS Support

The appearance of each and every web control produced by Developer Express can be customized using CSS. This approach is the best choice if you need centralized control over the appearance of several controls or the entire site.

DevExpress ASP.NET controls fully support image sprites - all images (except for background and animated images) can be stored as a single image. Sprites are referred to by their position and size within the image. A single request for the specified canvas image is performed to obtain all necessary images, which significantly improves performance.

Additional performance benefits can be achieved by defining image sprite settings within a CSS file and by storing this CSS file as a compressed resource in a themes assembly. This approach is now used by default within all our web controls.

Help Topic: CSS Image Sprites Overview


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