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CodeRush Plug-ins on

Use the following link to find many useful CodeRush plug-ins created by Rory Becker, R. Warnat, Travis Illig, Duncan Smart, Paul Mrozowski and others.

More Plug-ins

Plug-in Developer Blog
CopyProjectMiha MarkičRighthand Blog
CopyProject adds a copy command for both projects and solutions to Visual Studio. Now you can make a copy of a solution or project with a single click.
Enterprise Library Configuration Tool LauncherMiha MarkičRighthand Blog
Enterprise library from Microsoft is a library of reusable patterns in the form of source code that developers can easily add to their application. This plug-in for the DXCore will launch the configuration tool just by right clicking on a project listed in solution explorer, also it will open the appropriate config file (either app.config or web.config).
CodeRush DocumentorTravis IlligParaesthesia
CR_Documentor is a plugin for DXCore that allows you to preview what the documentation will look like when it's rendered - in a tool window inside Visual Studio.
CommenterBenjamin NitschkeBenjamin Nitschke's Blog
The link is to article on CodeProject that shows how to create your very own CodeRush plug-ins, including C# source. This plug-in will help C# developers to comment their code and make it easier to navigate through code.
Electric EditingOliver SturmOliver Sturm's weblog
Based on CodeRush, I created a plugin that lets me use some of the "electric" features I remember from Emacs: hungry delete and backspace and automatic newline insertion for the semicolon and the opening and closing curly braces.
Instant GratificationOliver SturmOliver Sturm's weblog
...I'm sure you can imagine it: you have just written the most amazing little piece of code, and nobody is there to kiss your feet, praise some deity for your existence and generally worship you in the way you deserve. I set out to solve this problem by creating a DXCore plugin for Visual Studio.
Class CleanerN/A
CR_ClassCleaner is a DXCore plug-in that adds functionality to Visual Studio to help organize and clean classes.
CodeRush Plug-ins for XAFApostolis BekiarisA. Bekiaris's Blog
A few useful plug-ins for working with DevExpress projects, Visual Studio's Solution tool window, and XAF Model Editor.

You too can be an active member of the CodeRush community - simply build a plug-in (Commercial, Free, or Open Source) for any version of CodeRush. Contact our support team at for more information.


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