• [au (<au for Visual Basic)
    Declares the [Authorize] attribute.
  • [he (<he for Visual Basic)
    Declares the [HandleError] attribute.
  • [hp (<hp for Visual Basic)
    Declares the [HttpPost] attribute.
  • [rq (not available in Visual Basic)
    Declares the [Required] attribute.
  • umvc or uswm
    Adds the using System.Web.Mvc statement.
  • umvca or uswma
    Adds the using System.Web.Mvc.Ajax statement.
  • umvch or uswmh
    Adds the using System.Web.Mvc.Html statement.
  • act
    Creates new MVC action method.
  • actp
    Creates new HttpPost MVC action method.
  • cr
    Creates MVC controller.

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