New ASP.NET Track Bar Control

The DevExpress ASP.NET Track Bar control is a slider that provides end-users with quick and easy visual data selection capabilities. Using the TrackBar, end-users can select a single value or value range by positioning a drag handle within a span of values.

ASPxTrackBar - New Control of DevExpress ASPxEditors Library

Key features include:

  • Customizable maximum and minimum values
  • Single value or range selection
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Normal or reversed direction
  • Flexible scale customization allowing you to create non-symmetrical scales
  • Ability to define custom items
  • Item population via data binding
  • Mouse wheel support
New ASP.NET Check Box List Control

Check Box List is a check box group that provides end-users with the ability to select multiple items. You can arrange check box items across multiple columns, define the display direction of items (horizontal or vertical), and specify whether items are displayed using a table or flow layout.

ASPxCheckBoxList - New Control for DevExpress ASPxEditors Library

ASP.NET Date and Calendar Editors - Custom Day Rendering

New events have been added to the Date Edit and Calendar controls. These give you the ability to fully control how day cells are rendered within a calendar. By leveraging these events, you can customize the appearance and content of individual days.

ASPxCalendar - Custom Day Rendering

Related Demo: ASPxEditors - Calendar - Custom Day Rendering


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