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The Dew Review – DevExpress ASP.NET 2013.2

by Alvin Ashcraft in
“ DevExpress has just launched a new release of their .NET components. The new release, 2013.2 (aka 13.2), has a ton of new features and enhancements across the entire suite. I have spent the last several weeks getting to know the latest incarnation of their ASP.NET line of controls. ”
About Alvin Ashcraft
Alvin Ashcraft is a Microsoft Visual C# MVP, blogger, technology geek and family guy. Alvin is currently a Principal Applications Engineer for Oracle's Health Sciences group, working with C# and ASP.NET. Previously, he was a software developer for Allscripts (formerly Eclipsys). There he helped create software solutions for enterprise healthcare organizations using Microsoft platforms and solutions. In a previous life, Alvin worked for several consulting firms as a software developer. During those years he developed solutions for clients in the manufacturing, financial and healthcare industries.

Rich HTML5 Charts everywhere with DevExtreme

by James Newton King in
“ In this blog post I will look at DevExtreme, a cross-platform HTML JS framework for Visual Studio, and in particular DevExtreme's rich JavaScript charting widgets. ”
About James Newton King
James is a software developer and works for an IT services company called Intergen. His main passion is software development, something discovered while at university. James loves the process of creating genuinely useful applications and as well as the constant innovation and improvement in programming languages and tools.
“DexExpress Document Server is a .Net Library that you can add in to your C#, VB.Net or ASP.Net applications to automate Excel and Word without the need to use Microsoft Office automation. Adding this functionality is really very simple, and I’ll show you how to do this below. ”
About Dirk Strauss
Dirk is currently working as a Senior Software Developer for EOH in South Africa. He specializes in System Integration and Customization of SYSPRO. Developing solutions ranging from Windows to Web applications, customizing SYSPRO forms using VBScript, developing and deploying business process workflows using SYSPRO Workflow Services.
“PhoneJS along with ChartJS are DevExpress' efforts in providing single page web applications for mobile platforms (think Tablets and Phones). Together they are combined into DevExtreme combo. In practice they are pure javascript libraries without ties to any server side platform - which is good, are built with KnockoutJS, jQuery in mind, etc (really plenty of nice features, check hyperlinks). ”
About Miha Markic
Miha currently works as a free-lance consultant and software developer specialized in .net area. He graduated in Computer and information science at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has accumulated experience in various programming languages such as Java, Visual Basic 3-6 (MCP), Visual C++, Delphi, C# and VB.Net through years. He has experience in practically all (technical) stages of project development, including planning, framework development, user interface, business processes, as well as testing and documenting.

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