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No amount of marketing hype and hyperbole can mask a company’s ability to deliver products that meet and exceed customer expectations. The following is a brief list of comments sent to us from our end-users – developers such as yourself who don’t have time and money to waste – developers who need to get down to business and address client needs in the shortest possible timeframe.
Gareth Jones

Just wanted to re-affirm how fantastic I think the DevExpress controls are. I have been using them for years and have recently started working for a new company and managed to get them to start using them for their in-house platform. Keep up the amazing work!

Steven Southwick

...The DevExpress controls have been great! My current project is doing some simulations regarding clinical trial enrollment and I’ve made ample use of your docking grid, graphing controls, themes, and the radial grid control in my WinForm project. Every time I show someone, they always remark how smooth the radial control is!

Todd Hoese

Just wanted to let you know that I use DevExpress controls almost exclusively for the development of our main software product Web Tracks. I like them because they are clean and easy to work with and allow me to focus on program logic versus constantly having to tweak controls. Typically I programmatically add these controls at run time and by doing so I can make them align and flow real nice.


We have been using your components from day one. Whenever we need a third party solution to resolve our issues, DevExpress is our first choice. We hope you keep up the good work.

Toshiyuki Tega

I have been a longtime user of DevExpress tools, including CodeRush, VCL, Winforms, and WPF components, for almost 10 years.

I often evaluate different component libraries from other vendors to see what they have to offer, but at the end of the day I always choose DevExpress. For instance, LayoutControl not only makes XAML designing a breeze but also provides unprecedented flexibility at runtime through its customization mode.

Their website is full of knowledge base articles, and in most cases, I can find my answers there without contacting support. And when I can't find what I'm looking for, I can count on their first class support team.

John Rendon

One word: Extraordinary!. Impossible to describe DevExpress wonders in a few words. You must give it a try and when on it, just make sure to use their outstanding, top of the class technical support. It doesn't a matter how simple or complicated your questions are, they will not only help you out, but also teach you along the way. They will never leave you hanging in a question; mark my words on it! If you still have doubts, go for it, download the trial version and I'm completely sure that you will be writing reviews such as this. BTW, I'm a mere mortal programmer that used to reinvent wheels and waste a lot of time for a living. Not anymore. Disclaimer: I'm not a DevExpress employee, just a very grateful customer, using their amazing tools (and support) in a daily basis.

Rolf Nilsson Niro Datateknik

I had to submit a support ticket over at DevExpress.
15 minutes later I had an answer and solution to my problem... On Christmas Eve!
I'm so impressed I have to share... I would close my business (a very small one) if I had to do without your component suite!

Dave VanderWekke

I do have to compliment you guys and gals. The webinars were great this week and I love the products. I've been working with .NET since 2000 and have used all your competitor's products. This new job was my first exposure to DevExpress and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Armada Software Solutions, LLC

We researched different extension products for several months before choosing DevExpress. We definitely made the correct decision! Not only are their WinForms products exceptional but their support staff is prompt, understanding and works with you to complete challenges using the abundance of different controls and options available.

It is my intent that Armada will be doing business with DevExpress for many years to come. Thank you for not only creating a wonderful product at a reasonable price but also supporting that product with coding examples, documentation, demos, etc.

Gary Wittlock CEO Wittlock Engineering LLC

I wanted to let you know how well your support staff is. I have used several third party software tools over the years and I must say that the support I receive from DevExpress is second to none. Over the last year I have contacted your support staff with a variety of questions and needs. I am always amazed at the quality of the support and how well your staff sticks with an issue insuring I receive a resolution. There has even been an occasion where your support staff has updated your controls to better suite our needs, something that is not readily available with other products.

Thank you for all your support. A job well done.


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