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No amount of marketing hype and hyperbole can mask a company’s ability to deliver products that meet and exceed customer expectations. The following is a brief list of comments sent to us from our end-users – developers such as yourself who don’t have time and money to waste – developers who need to get down to business and address client needs in the shortest possible timeframe.
Ivan Petrovic

I had a need for controls and tools for .Net programming. After I have tried few products and done some research I chose DevExpress. I have been using DevExpress for few years now and I am really satisfied. Great support is what I value most.

Nuri Cingillioglu N-Systems OpenLight

I believe it will quite useful to immediately mention that this is not a support missive, rather a mere appreciation. After I purchased the WinForms suite, I was not expecting such a profound leap in the software that I currently develop. Well, it took the product to a whole new level, and with the final release, OpenLight version 2.5.1, it has become to be one of the very few lighting software that provides a office like intuitive interface. I believe not only supporting your customers but also celebrating their success should be yours to enjoy.

Eric McGrail Chief Technologist, DataClara

DataClara is focused on solving the data related issues that companies face today. From system integration projects to custom interface development, we work with clients to build processes and systems that improve efficiency, reduce cost, and improve accuracy.

During an extensive evaluation of toolkits, DevExpress impressed us in all areas. We found DevExpress to have the best documentation and support for it's userbase. The samples and demos covered all aspects of control usage which reduced the learning curve and sped along the development process. And finally, the data access tools were quicker to configure and deploy and handled our larger data sets with ease.

The addition of the DevExpress Suite of ASP.NET tools would allow us to quickly solve data access issues by building flexible, scalable, and secure interfaces to customer data. The ASP.NET controls have already saved our developers time and effort and have allowed us to create proof of concepts in half the time of other toolkits.

The DevExpress ASP.NET Suite is the perfect set of controls to help DataClara create the professional, high perfomance, and flexible solutions that our clients need.

Michael Hornshøj

No, I ain´t saying this only to "get cheap points" but for you to know when others ask about your PDF-viewer. Without any doubt - for me anyway - the greatest new component you have built for a long time for WinForms. Not to say anything bad about all the upgrades/modifications that you have made to all the other controls, but this is simply a genius new component for me. Gauges, Dashboard and what else has been published - they are also great, but this one takes the lead. It´s simple to use, quick, fast, clear in its view, and with a context menu added you have all the possibilities to do what you want. Great job, DevExpress!

Marc Enzler

I am writing you to express my sincerest thanks for all the help I have received from you, especially the support team, over the last 8 or so years.

Taking into account the outstanding quality of your products and the fast, always helpful and very friendly support I have received the fees I paid pale in comparison. You have been paying me back tenfold.

Keep up the superb work!

Peter Lock

Controls are great. Grid is the fastest out there and support from the DevExpress guys is brilliant.

Leroy Casterline

I've been using DevExpress products for well over a decade. After looking at the competition, I choose DevExpress because they gave me the visual control I needed to make my GUIs not only intuitive but pleasingly attractive as well.

DevExpress offers the best tech support I've experienced, bar none. If I have trouble understanding how to use a feature, their support engineers not only respond quickly but often put together sample code to show me exactly what I need to do. Highly recommended!

Rafael Maricca

I am using WinForms technology and after learning some lessons with competitive offerings I finally decided to switch to DevExpress Universal Subscription. The rich and extensive functionality in state of the art WinForms controls, the continuous flow of new features and lots of additional time savers and productivity enhancers like CodeRush convinced me.

Availability of functionality for other platforms (Windows 8 XAML, MVC and one of the latest additions: DevExtreme) allow smooth transition to "newer" technologies - all from the same vendor with a remarkable support ecosystem. And this all for an incredible low price!

Hakan Çelik Deputy General Manager, Helios IT Solutions Ltd. Co.

I've been using DevExpress products for more than 2 years to create business applications for enterprises. I'm very satisfied with BOTH the products and the support of DevExpress. Universal subscription has everything we need to create great enterprise level line of business applications. And, your support is top notch and very very quick (especially Dennis, Anatol, Michael and Dan).

Andy Luyten APK Group

Working with devexpress for more than 3 years now, and still I discover new excellent possibilities on a daily basis! Way to go guys, your developer suite rocks!


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