Announcing CodeRush Xpress for C# Developers

Glendale, CA – DevExpress is proud to announce the immediate availability of CodeRush Xpress – a free Visual Studio add-in for C# developers. CodeRush Xpress is a comprehensive IDE Productivity toolset specifically designed to help you simplify and shape complex code – making it easier to read and less costly to maintain.

More and more developers are recognizing that simple, easy-to-read code is the key to application flexibility and easy maintenance. However, uncertainty about maintenance costs and concern about breaking code keep many developers from cleaning up their code. CodeRush Xpress for Visual Studio 2008 solves this problem for C# developers by dramatically reducing the cost and complexity traditionally associated with improving, simplifying and refactoring existing code.

"From architects and engineers to hobbyists, CodeRush Xpress offers intuitive and easy-to-use code-shaping and navigation tools for individuals involved across the entire development spectrum," said Julian M Bucknall, CTO at DevExpress.

"CodeRush Xpress offers an amazing amount of value for any code-focused developer. Adding this to your toolbox will change your life. Seriously." Dustin Campbell, Visual Basic IDE Program Manager.

The following Integrated Code Navigation features are available to you and your team free-of-charge:

  • Duplicate Line
  • Highlight All References
  • Increase or Reduce Selection
  • Smart Clipboard Operations
  • Generate from Using (TDD)
  • Quick Navigation Window
  • Quick File Navigation

In addition, CodeRush Xpress Ships with the following 25 Code Refactorings:

Add Block Delimiters -- Combine Conditionals -- Compress to Lambda Expression -- Compress to Ternary Expression -- Convert to Auto-implemented Property -- Convert to Initializer -- Create Backing Store -- Decompose Initializer -- Decompose Parameter -- Expand Lambda Expression -- Expand Ternary Expression -- Extract Method -- Flatten Conditional -- Inline Delegate -- Inline Temp -- Introduce Local -- Make Explicit -- Make Implicit -- Move Type to File -- Name Anonymous Method -- Name Anonymous Type -- Reverse Conditional -- Split Conditional -- Use String.Format -- Use StringBuilder

To download your free copy today, visit DevExpress online at:

Thank you and best wishes,
The DevExpress Team


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