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                                  • Thank for reply Andrew. I have another problem now, though. Setting FocusedRow to null solved my problem but how can i set it to one of my objects?


                                    //This is working

                                    TreeListNode treeListNode = OrganizationalUnitTreeListView.GetNodeByKeyValue(controller.Model.ParentOrganizationalUnitKey.Value);


                                    OrganizationalUnitTreeListView.FocusedRow = treeListNode.Content;


                                    OrganizationalUnitTreeListView.FocusedRowHandle = OrganizationalUnitTreeListView.Nodes.IndexOf(treeListNode);



                                    I want to select one of my object's parent in tree but none of #1,#2,#3 methods (one by one or alltogether) works, am I doing something wrong?

                                    Also I need to support un-selecting rows. WPFToolkit datagrid is using CTRL+Left Mouse Click for this operation by default, what do you suggest for this operation?

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                                1 Solution


                                Hi Gökçen,

                                You can set the TreeListView.FocusedRow property to an item in your collection.
                                For example :

                                public MainWindow() { InitializeComponent(); treeListView1.RootValue = Guid.Empty; coll = new ObservableCollection<MyObj>(); coll.Add(new MyObj() { Text = "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa", Number = 1, Group = "A", NodeID = 1, ParentNodeID = Guid.Empty}); coll.Add(new MyObj() { Text = "bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb", Number = 2, Group = "A",NodeID=2,ParentNodeID=1 }); coll.Add(new MyObj() { Text = "c", Number = 3, Group = "B",NodeID=3,ParentNodeID=1 }); coll.Add(new MyObj() { Text = "d", Number = 4, Group = "B", NodeID = 4, ParentNodeID = Guid.Empty }); coll.Add(new MyObj() { Text = "e", Number = 5, Group = "B", NodeID = 5, ParentNodeID = 4}); coll.Add(new MyObj() { Text = "f", Number = 6, Group = "B", NodeID = 6, ParentNodeID = 3}); treeListView1.ParentFieldName = "ParentNodeID"; treeListView1.KeyFieldName = "NodeID"; treeListControl1.ItemsSource = coll; treeListControl1.View.MultiSelectMode = TableViewSelectMode.None; treeListView1.FocusedRow = coll[5]; }
                                Please try this solution and let us know the results.

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